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‘Yellowstone’ Clothing: Where to Buy the Best of Beth Dutton’s Western Wear

Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton. (Photo credit: Paramount Network press)

Who knew Western wear could blend with business casual? But nobody pulls it off better than Beth Dutton, and we’ve got all the info on where you can buy her clothing from “Yellowstone.”

Beth’s rocked several iconic looks over the last four seasons. She usually favors high-end designers, dressing in sexy business clothes when she’s not going for comfort on the ranch. But whether you want to slay in the board room or the barn, we’ve got all of Beth’s top picks right here.

We’ll break it down season by season, cataloging some of Beth’s greatest looks from earlier episodes.

Beth Dutton Clothing: Her Top Looks Across Four Seasons

As you peruse this first list of Beth Dutton’s best clothing options, keep in mind that her taste runs expensive. Several of these options came directly from top designers, but we’ve got some budget-friendly looks picked out too.

Beth Dutton on a Budget

Breaking Down These Beth Dutton Looks

Let’s start off with Season 1. Beth Dutton pairs all her best clothing with incredible outerwear that screams comfort and luxury. For example, in Season 1 Episode 5, “Coming Home,” Beth lounges and drinks in this beautiful rust-colored shearling jacket.

  • Season 1 Day Drinking Jacket: PRETTYGARDEN Women’s Fashion Long Sleeve Lapel Zip Up Faux Shearling Shaggy Oversized Coat Jacket ($37-$42)
  • Then, in Season 2, we’ve got several fits that range from cowboy style to formal business. This checkered blouse, from Season 2 Episode 7, “Resurrection Day,” was absolutely made for the boardroom. The sheer fabric paired with the black bra or top underneath represents Beth’s sharpness under a pretty exterior. She’s the kind of person people only underestimate once, and her clothing reflects that.

  • Season 2 Checkered Blouse: Checked Flared-Cuff Shirt by See by Chloe ($265)
  • And of course, we can’t bring up Season 2 fashion without giving a shoutout to the best coat ever. No other “Yellowstone” character could pull off this gorgeous blue cloak like Beth Dutton does. You can also find several cheaper, handmade options for the cloak, from Etsy and other sites.

  • Season 2 Blue Hooded Cloak: Pagosa Springs Yellowstone by Lindsey Thornburg ($1,495
  • Beth’s Fits Across Later Seasons

    We’re incredibly jealous of this kimono robe from the earlier opening episode of Season 3. It complements Beth’s hair and skin coloring exceptionally well, despite all the bruises. And, it’s one of our budget-friendly picks too, ranging from $35 to $55 when it’s on sale. Your mornings won’t be complete without adding this to your closet.

  • Season 3 Morning Meditation Robe: Boho Robe, Kimono Robe, Calla in Orange by Wild Rose Boho ($55)
  • In Season 4, Beth rocked several iconic looks that conveyed power, confidence, and poise. Take the “I’m the Bigger Bear” dress below. Beth wore this statement piece during her conversation with Bob Schwartz in Season 4 Episode 2 “Phantom Pain.”

    Not only does Beth spill a drink on Bob’s friend, but she also hits him with some great one-liners in this scene. She reminds Bob that she’s the “bigger bear,” and also warns Bob to “read the fine print” next time. Few men have ever gotten such a verbal beat-down from a woman so impeccably dressed.

  • Season 4 “I’m the Bigger Bear” Dress: The Lacey Dress by Reformation ($248)
  • With the exception, of course, of Elliott Steele. The Market equities lawyer gets the verbal roasting of a lifetime from Beth in this gorgeous sundress from Season 4 Episode 4, “Winning or Learning.” She looks totally relaxed while doing so, the polka dot dress moving with her easily as she lounges in her chair. Although Caroline Warner doesn’t seem impressed with Beth’s presence, we certainly are.

  • Season 4 “His Dream is My Alamo Dress: Juliet Dress in Italia Spot by Realisation Par ($230)
  • Stay tuned for more iconic Beth Dutton clothing options from “Yellowstone.”