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‘Yellowstone’ Critic Labels Rip Wheeler a ‘Serial Killer,’ Fans Go Off


When it comes to Rip Wheeler on Yellowstone, he isn’t the perfect person, and maybe that’s the point of the character. Fans would likely agree that in many cases, Wheeler is no role model.

Cole Hauser’s character is loyal. But, he’s also violent. Not just to the show’s “bad guys” but many times to those around him. Perhaps the softer side of Rip that fans saw in the last episode will shine more. Characters are meant to develop. Or, will his closer relationship with Carter just harden his already tough and violent instincts?

On Reddit, one viewer posted a video criticizing Wheeler. The character, of course, but also the perception that some fans have of John Dutton’s close ally.

Among the accusations lodged at the Yellowstone ranch hand were that he is no hero, he isn’t a role model, kills to protect the rich, and beats his workers. To finish, the video calls Wheeler a serial killer. While he is no Dexter Morgan, he does have a mean streak, no doubt.

Anti-heroes aren’t always bad, though. It is worth noting that fans can enjoy a character without endorsing all of their actions. It’s all just a show after all. Not many fans were supportive of this anti-Rip Wheeler take, though.

Fans Are Don’t Want to Hear Anti-Rip Takes

It appears that Yellowstone Redditors don’t want to hear anything to do with this take. There were multiple replies that dismissed the opinion. However, it wasn’t because the things in the post were untrue. It seems that the fact Rip is all of those things draw viewers to the character.

“And he is damned good at it,” one reply read. “And I think he is what keeps the show great.”

“Rip and John are right up there with Tony Soprano, Walter White, and Don Draper,” another fan commented. “They’re horrible people that we should hate. But for some reason we just don’t.”

Whatever the reason is, fans like Rip. Yellowstone just wouldn’t be the same if the Cole Hauser character wasn’t around to bust some heads every now and again. One thing that fans can almost universally agree on is the great moment Rip had with Carter this past Sunday.

‘Yellowstone’ Gets Carter Involved

For the young kid on the ranch, Carter hasn’t had a lot of interaction on the show. However, we got to see him come out of his shell a bit while playing cards in the bunkhouse. Teeter was giving him some ribbing only she can deliver. Then, he cracked a joke right back.

It culminated in this great moment where Rip is laughing and Carter is laughing and there is a connection there. The fact that Carter is a hustler interests Rip. We also got to see the Yellowstone patriarch John Dutton take Carter riding for the first time. So, fans might get to see more of the young man.