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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Discuss Best Father’s Day Gifts Related to the Show

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“Yellowstone” fans are a supportive bunch, and when one fan wrote in seeking suggestions for Father’s Day, other fans quickly chimed in to help.

On Reddit, the fans tossed around ideas for Father’s Day gifts, suggesting everything from a Dodge 3500 Dually to Rip’s jacket.

“Looking for some good show or wannabe cowboy related Father’s Day gifts!” one Reddit user posted on Wednesday. “Got him a Yellowstone steak branding iron for his birthday, which was a huge hit.”

After another fan suggested the Dodge, yet another fan jumped into the discussion.

“Yeah, if this gift is on the table, I’ll adopt OP,” the fan posted.

Someone suggested a Stetson cowboy hat. Someone else suggested a “Yellowstone” hoodie, hat and shirt.

“A bottle of Yellowstone bourbon to sip while watching,” another fan posted.

“Get him a Resistol 5x beaver hat, cattleman’s crease, in brown or black. If he’s got cojones, then silver belly,” someone else tossed out.

As for the other suggestion, Rip’s actual jacket is probably not for sale. But Outsider has compiled a guide to the key pieces of the Dutton family’s wardrobe.

Fans Have Been Busy Talking About the Show in Lead-Up to Season 4

Recently, “Yellowstone” fans have been busy on Reddit, debating everything from Beth (Kelly Reilly) vs. Jamie (Wes Bentley) to the wisdom of Rip’s (Cole Hauser) shooting a dying horse to why no one ever again mentions Lee Dutton (Dave Annable).

The Season 4 premiere likely coming this summer is fast approaching. And it should be a doozy – “Yellowstone” shattered ratings records during its Season 3 premiere and Season 3 finale. Who could have guessed that series co-creator Taylor Sheridan’s show would become so popular? Certainly not the top brass at HBO, where “Yellowstone” started out.

Sheridan told Cowboys & Indians magazine last year that he had written two scripts for HBO when the senior vice president of the company sat him down.

“He said, ‘Nobody wants to see this,’” Sheridan recounted. “‘Nobody wants to see a movie about this. And you don’t understand why anybody is sitting out there in the first place. The whole thing should be a park.’ And I said, ‘Buddy, you’re the exact reason that I’m making this.’”

Luckily for everyone involved, except perhaps HBO, Paramount Network saw the potential in “Yellowstone” and insisted Sheridan let them make it. Sheridan demurred, saying it was going to be expensive, but Paramount was determined to take the series on. And now, with “Yellowstone” drawing legions of devoted fans, they know they made the right choice.