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‘Yellowstone’s Finn Little Posts Season 5 Set Image of Dutton Helicopter

(Image Credit: Paramount Network Press)

“Yellowstone” actor Finn Little, who plays Carter on the show, recently shared a cool pic from behind-the-scenes of season 5. The teenager posted a photo on Instagram of the Dutton Ranch helicopter, which he haven’t seen in a while. Everyone celebrate, the “Yellowstone” chopper is back and ready for action.

“Above and beyond!” Little captioned the photo, using hashtags like #YellowstoneTV, #onlocation, and #grateful. The helicopter is sat in a beautiful field with rolling mountains behind it and an amazing sky. It looks like a beautiful day in Montana, the perfect weather to film “Yellowstone.”

‘Yellowstone’ Helicopter Hasn’t Been Seen in a While: Fans Sound Off On Why That Could Be

The helicopter hasn’t been seen for two seasons now, and we’re all wondering: where did it go? In a behind-the-scenes look at season 5 from earlier this month, fans got a peek at the long-missed helicopter. In the beginning of the series, the helicopter was a subtle indicator of the Duttons’ wealth. It was never talked about so overtly, but just its presence was enough to let us know that this family is top dog in Montana.

Now, the chopper is back, and some fans had interesting takes on why it was gone in the first place. “They had to start driving those Ram trucks and get that advertising money,” said one fan on Reddit. Other fans suggested that during the Duttons’ financial struggles, they may have had to sell the chopper. But, that theory is out the window with the chopper’s return. Realistically, it probably just wasn’t integral in season 3 or 4’s storytelling.

Why is it coming back now, though? Could it have something to do with John Dutton’s gubernatorial campaign? Flying around in a helicopter with your name on the side may not endear regular, everyday people to your cause. But, we’ll have to just wait until season 5 to see exactly how John Dutton is going to use the newly reappointed helicopter.

Where Did the Show Get the Idea for the Helicopter in the First Place?

In general, helicopters on ranches aren’t the most common, unless you’ve got land out the wazoo like the Duttons. What we’re wondering is where the idea for the helicopter came from. As we speculated last August, there might be a real-life reason for John Dutton’s helicopter.

Whether or not John Dutton is based on a real person is up for debate. But, we can theorize that the Dutton Ranch may be inspired by the biggest ranch in Montana; the Galt Ranch. This ranch boasts over 3,500 cattle, 100 horses, and is comprised of 100,000 acres of land in Central Montana.

Legacy rancher Bill Galt even has his own helicopter in order to survey his 100,000 acres. Is this where Taylor Sheridan got the idea? Could be. Inspiration comes from anywhere, after all. What we know, is it makes total sense to have a helicopter of you’ve got the amount of land that the Duttons have.