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‘Yellowstone’: Full Recap of Season 4, Episode 6


Another Sunday means another episode of Yellowstone. And we have you covered with just about every scene from the sixth episode, “I Want to Be Him.”

The episode opens on Jimmy living his new Texas ranch hand life. A life that finds him spending his days on horses that aren’t “that broke.”

From Jimmy, we jump to the highly anticipated meeting between Beth and activist Summer Higgins. Upon finding her in the kitchen, Beth pulls a knife on her because she’s Beth. John enters and calms everyone down but has some ‘splainin’ to do.

“We talked ’til late, and I offered her a room,” John Dutton explained to Beth of his new fling. We’ll leave the rest of their night to your imagination.

Summer, a vegan, threw Gator for a loop when she joined John and Beth for breakfast. “What’s gluten?” Gator asked, completely genuine. Gator did his best to prepare something for her, but by the time his vegan, gluten-free smoothie was ready, Beth and Summer had already stormed off.

Monica and Kayce Buy a House

Meanwhile, Kayce, Monica, and Tate found themselves a new home, complete with a new family dog. Who knew canines conveyed in real estate deals?

Speaking of new homes, Jamie, the ever-conflicted Jamie, seems far less happy in his. He confronted Garrett about the assassination attempt, pulling a gun on him,

“You tried to kill my family,” Jamie says. “That’s not your family,” Randall answers.

Garrett has Jamie convinced that John Dutton did nothing more than use him for his own gain. He admitted to Jamie that yes, he tried to kill the Duttons and that he’s going to keep trying until he “gets it right.”

Avery Returns!

Remember Avery from Season 2? You know, the one who won that little hand of cowboy poker in the bullpen? Well, she’s back.

Kayce does Thomas Rainwater a favor, investigating a case of horse theft on the reservation. That’s when he encounters the “hot tamale,” as Tate puts it. The former Yellowstone ranch hand has Monica jealous. “Not my type, baby,” Kayce tells her, despite their nearly indistinguishable features.

Jimmy Learns to Rope

But he’s got to learn to ride first. The poor guy can hardly walk after a full day on his horse. But hey, at least there’s chicken-fried steak waiting for him.

As the sun fades, Jimmy begins to teach himself the essential art of roping. Meanwhile, back in Montana, Lloyd teaches Carter how to rope, and it’s clear the kid is a quick learner.

“No room for outcasts like us in the bunkhouse,” Lloyd tells Carter, thinking on his miserable situation.

Lloyd and Walker Settle Things for Good

You’d think Lloyd would get the whole “no fighting on the ranch” rule by now. But when he sees Walker having a great time in the bunkhouse, he can’t contain himself.

Lloyd smashes Walker’s guitar. Walker calls him a bully. Well, Lloyd doesn’t like that. He pulls a knife and throws it into Walker’s chest. Fortunately, it looks like the knife hit above the branded ranch hand’s heart. Just beneath the clavicle, above the lung, no arteries.

Mia finally leaves the ranch during the chaos. Rip brings John in to figure out what to do with Lloyd. The result? There are absolutely no more women allowed in the bunkhouse. And yes, folks, that includes Teeter. But John has decided to give Lloyd another chance.

Lloyd and Walker will fight it out in the pen, and Rip is tasked with “making an example out of the last man standing.”

Carter and what looks like the entire Yellowstone Dutton Ranch look on as Walker and Lloyd go to town on one another. “Lloyd’s got no quit in him,” John Dutton says as the two fighters fizzle out.

Rip then volunteers for the unenviable job of making an example of Lloyd, the apparent winner. He tells him he loves him before handing out even more abuse and breaking his hand.

Beth Confronts Jamie, Monica and Kayce Look Happy Away from the ‘Yellowstone’

Jamie takes a meeting with Beth, the newly hired Market Equities employee. He’s obviously shocked to find her there. He’s less surprised by Beth assuring him that she’s going to “ruin everything.”

But there’s good news on the Monica and Kayce front! The family looks to be settling into their new home.

The episode ends with Carter having a revelation. He’s decided he wants to be John Dutton when he grows up. The episode’s title was pulled straight from Carter’s mouth. “I want to be him,” says Carter.