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‘Yellowstone’: Gil Birmingham Reveals He Has His Script for Season 5 as Production Gets Underway

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Paramount Network)

Yellowstone star Gil Birmingham is ready for Season 5 of the series. He has the script in hand as production gets started in Montana. There have been some other stars arriving in Montana in the past week or so. The buzz is growing and that means we are going to start to hear much more about the upcoming season and the feelings of the folks involved.

Getting Chief Thomas Rainwater’s side of things is always a must. Birmingham does a great job of bringing the character to life on screen and acting as a great contrast to John Dutton. Vicki Pepper, host of Eye on the Community on KFROG (Riverside) talked to the actor about the upcoming season.

“We have the script. They’re coming Monday,” he said during the interview. “They started filming already. As soon as I return back from the [National Memorial Day Concert] I will be starting my first day of work. We have a story, yes.”

With Yellowstone Season 5 we can expect a new conflict between the reservation and the Dutton ranch. It’s going to be a wild ride with lots of intense conflicts. And that’s just basing our expectations off of the first three seasons! As production begins and there is more released, there might be a clearer understanding of what the plot for the upcoming season will be.

Perhaps we will see more of Beth and Rip as they try their best to keep everyone on the ranch, including John, under control. However, that doesn’t always play out how they expect it to. Besides, when you’re getting into shootouts at the local diner, there isn’t much that you can prepare for, is there?

What do you expect, Outsiders? What would you like to see?

‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Under Production

The cast has arrived in Montana where Yellowstone Season 5 is going to take place, as the other seasons have. However, this new season feels different. We now have the backstory of 1883, the Dutton origin. There is a whole new group of people watching the show, and Season 4 is going to roll into the awards season very confidently.

Basically, everything is going well for Yellowstone heading into the new season. The cast is excited to be back in Montana. There are a lot of celebrities that get out to the Big Sky state to buy rances. However, there’s something about that valley that they film the show in.

Kelly Reilly and Cole Hauser have both posted pictures from the ranch. They are looking forward to this season and after last season, why wouldn’t they? Their characters were put on full display, they developed, and added a lot of depth to the Dutton story. This fifth season could be the best yet.