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‘Yellowstone’: Here’s Where You’ve Seen Laramie Actress Hassie Harrison Before

(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for WarnerMedia)

Since her “Yellowstone” arrival in season three, actress Hassie Harrison and her character, Laramie, have changed the game for the bunkhouse crew.

Laramie is a “buckle bunny,” as senior ranch hand Lloyd would say, meaning she hangs out at rodeo events looking to wrangle in a cowboy. Harrison is excellent on “Yellowstone,” making Laramie a flirtatious blonde bombshell that likes to shake things up. Laramie, a barrel racer by trade, has certainly become a favorite of “Yellowstone” fans. That is a credit to Harrison’s skills as an actress and ability to relate to the show’s massive fan base. Laramie is also a bit of a trouble maker, bringing some serious drama into the “Yellowstone” bunkhouse.

You may recognize Hassie Harrison from other shows and films she’s starred in. She is a rising star in the entertainment industry and you can bet her career will keep moving skyward. She made her debut in the romantic comedy series”Hart of Dixie,” playing Lucy in seasons three and four. A true Texan at heart, Harrison’s film breakthrough in “The Iron Orchard,” set in World War II-era Texas. She plays Maize Wales, the love interest of the film’s protagonist.

Many “Yellowstone” fans recognize Hassie Harrison from her most recent work, starring in the “Tacoma FD” series. The TruTv series is a laugh-out-loud comedy about a fire department with not much to do. She plays Lucy McConkey, the lone female firefighter in a department filled with immature men. The series is incredibly popular and was recently renewed for another season. Harrison has gathered much acclaim for her work on the series, winning over both fans and critics. “Tacoma FD” shows us that the “Yellowstone” has excellent comedic chops to go along with dashing good looks.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Hassie Harrison Takes on Bigger Role in Season Four

We are first introduced to Laramie in the third season of “Yellowstone,” though she doesn’t get a ton of screen time. That changes in the fourth season as Harrison gets a larger role and Laramie becomes the center of the bunkhouse attention.

She initially takes up with Lloyd in the third season, despite the cowboy being several decades her senior. At the end of “Yellowstone” season three, she can be seen emerging from Walker’s bed, leaving Lloyd high and dry. This would lead to one of the prime storylines of the third season with Lloyd and Walker entering a serious feud.

Walker rubbed his new relationship in Lloyd’s face every chance he go and Laramie did little to stop him. Deeply angered, Lloyd attacks and fights Walker, smashing his guitar and stabbing him in the chest. He eventually by Walker a new guitar and apologizes. They put their feud aside for the betterment of “Yellowstone” Ranch.

It will be interesting to see Harrison’s “Yellowstone” future storylines. Will she stay with Walker? Will she move on to the next ranch hand as buckle bunnies often do?

We’ll find out when “Yellowstone” returns for season five.