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‘Yellowstone’: How Luke Grimes Is a ‘Philosophical Dude,’ According to His Costar


“Yellowstone” Star Ian Bohen, who portrays bunkhouse boy Ryan and fellow livestock agent recently discussed his character as well as working with Luke Grimes on the series. While Bohen’s character tends to be one of the leaders – he often looks to Kayce for guidance. And in real life, Bohen says he absolutely loves working with Grimes because he’s such a ‘philosophical dude.”

In a new interview with Jefferson White for the Yellowstone Official Podcast, Bohen opened up about what it’s like shooting with Luke Grimes – especially during scenes where it’s the two of them versus some unknown challenge.

Bohen took the time to explain that his “Yellowstone” character Ryan really looks to Kayce for leadership. He says he is honored to be out of the bunkhouse and working with the Dutton family in a more versatile role. However, Bohen also has some major respect for Luke Grimes and how he handles each scene with a thoughtfulness that shows depth and commitment.

“First off, Luke is incredibly pensive and ethereal and a thoughtful man. And he’s a joy to be around and I feel like we’re always complimenting each other in terms of like ‘what are we doing in life?’ He’s a philosophical dude, so I love hanging out with him. It’s a treat to do scenes outside the bunkhouse with a new character who has a new dynamic, you know, someone from the family.,” Bohen says.

“Yellowstone” Star Describe’s Kayce’s Relationship with His Character

He also goes on to describe how Ryan is influenced by Kayce. He says:

“And it makes Ryan sort of feel good to be on an equal playing field with him. You know we have great scenes. We have a really good time and it’s fun. Here’s what I like the best about it. Because my character doesn’t know him so much as well as I know him as a person. The character has to really listen and watch what he’s doing to take his cues from him because Ryan is looking for a lead from Kayce. And so as an actor it’s a really good time to try and be that attentive. And then the scenes become easy because the words just are there…”

While “Yellowstone’s” Kayce had a storyline in season four which felt removed from the other plotlines involving Jamie, John, and Beth, his character definitely grew as he becomes more aware of a path that may already be in the works for him.

Adventuring on a spiritual quest that seems to draw both demons and great insight, Kayce grapples with a choice that could alter the course of his life forever. He’s not quite sure what it means, but at the end of his vision quest, Kayce tells his wife Monica that he sees a potential end for them. This comes after she shares news of being pregnant with their second child.

However, we will all have to wait until “Yellowstone” season five to see what unfolds for Kayce and his future.