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‘Yellowstone’: Is All of the Jamie Dutton Hate Warranted?

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Jamie Dutton can be quite a stinker on Yellowstone. At least, that’s what many fans have come away thinking. Now, is this warranted for the character?

This is what a lot of fans are talking about. A thread on Reddit has their comments and we’re going to see what all of them are saying.

“I just binge-watched all 4 seasons, and I like the show overall,” the Redditor writes. “But I can’t stand how Jamie is depicted. Over the course of the first 3 seasons, Jamie essentially does everything that is asked of him to protect the family.”

Then the fan says that when he does something for himself, it’s different. “The few times he does something for himself (running for office, and killing that reporter) he is told everything he has done comes from a selfish point of view.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fan Points Out That Beth Has Been ‘Horrible’ Towards Jamie

“Yet when we look at Beth and Kayce, they basically get to do whatever they want and are still in John’s good graces,” this Yellowstone fan writes. “We get almost 3 full seasons of Beth being truly horrible towards Jamie, only then to find out why.”

This poster says that this does not give Beth, played by Kelly Reilly, the right to be bad toward Jamie “for the rest of her life.” Still, this Yellowstone fan also states that Kayce, played by Luke Grimes, took off from the Yellowstone Ranch with no communication.”

“Beth left the ranch to have a successful career in Utah before returning, why is Jamie the only child that doesn’t get to do a single thing he wants?” the poster says. “One can argue that Jamie has helped the ranch more than Kayce and Beth ever have.”

Jamie Dutton Has Kept People From Going To Prison

Again, this writer says that if Jamie, played by Wes Bentley, wasn’t around, then everyone would be in prison. That land would be “be concrete by now.”

“John’s not a good father, and technically, Jamie isn’t even his son,” the Yellowstone fan continues. “All Jamie ever wanted was a little appreciation from John [played by Kevin Costner] his entire life, but Beth has always twisted Jamie’s motives to John.”

Then we get some commentary about the Beth-Jamie relationship. “When you track it all back, this dynamic between Beth and Jamie,” the Redditor writes, “and the storylines that came out of it, would have never happened if Beth had just wrapped up Rip’s you-know-what. Not saying this is all Beth’s fault, but a large part of it is, yet no one has the stomach to tell her off.”

Another Redditor writes: “It’s pure melodrama. There’s always somebody twisting their mustache in the corner. It just so happens it’s the guy without a mustache.”