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‘Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly Always Knew Beth & Rip Were ‘Soulmates’

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Fan-favorite “Yellowstone” couple Beth and Rip live in our heads rent-free, and in our hearts, and on our TVs. They’re the ultimate power couple: Beth off-the-wall, destructive, a tornado; Rip reserved, quietly threatening, but holding a dangerous power just below the surface. Rip is the go-to guy, John Dutton’s right hand. Beth is the wild child, a sneaky, conniving, powerfully feminine presence. They go together like a house on fire, which I feel is a particularly apt metaphor for them.

But, did Kelly Reilly and Cole Hauser always know their characters were going to be together? Were they always aware Rip and Beth would end up together in marital bliss? In conversation with the Hollywood Reporter and the rest of the “Yellowstone” cast, Kelly Reilly answered that exact question.

When asked if they were informed of their characters’ eventual couple-status, Reilly replied, “No,” but continued, “From the first episode, the first pilot, I think when we started filming, we had four episodes, season one. So that’s what we had, we had the first four episodes. And I never asked questions about the future, I always just asked about the past. But it was clear that these two characters were soulmates. And that was clearly the direction [Taylor Sheridan] was going to take them.”

She commented then on Beth specifically. “But whether she was going to let that happen,” she said. “Well, now we know, they’re married. And, you know, who knows what the future holds for them? We don’t know.”

Kelly Reilly Talks Beth and Rip’s Future on ‘Yellowstone,’ Plus Cole Hauser Comments on Love From Fans

It seems like Kelly Reilly had an idea when they first started, a kind of hope that Rip and Beth would fulfill what she thought for them. And they did, as we now know. But, perhaps, Taylor Sheridan kept them all in the dark until it was time to read future scripts. It certainly seems like that now, with Reilly admitting that they don’t know what’s next for Beth and Rip. Ideally, many years of marital bliss, but I don’t see Beth slowing down any time soon.

Meanwhile, Cole Hauser also discussed the “honor” of having so many fans love his character. “Ultimately,” he said, “you get into this business and you hope for a couple of great roles in your lifetime, and to be able to affect people in the way this character has […] and just the different colors that [Taylor Sheridan] laid out for me.”

He continued, “ultimately it’s an honor to have people come up and love something that you do. And whether they can connect to the serious intensity side, the loving side with [Beth], the loyalty that I have with [John], you know, it’s an honor.”