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‘Yellowstone’: Lainey Wilson Is Officially on Set for Season 5 Filming in Montana

(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Uh, oh. What’s that? Lainey Wilson has arrived in Montana and is ready to get filming on Yellowstone Season 5 with the rest of the crew. The country music singer has been a part of the show, in some aspect or another, since early on in the series. Now, it isn’t just her music that will be featured, she’s going to be playing a character on the show. Of course, she’s a singer.

Now, the last singer that came through on Yellowstone has had a rough go of things. Walker has escaped death a couple of times at the hands of Lloyd and Rip. Thanks to some Instagram posts from Wilson herself, we figured out that she was on set.

Check out this photo of her sitting in her Yellowstone cast chair.

Now, here’s the great part about Lainey Wilson being in Montana. She’s a multifaceted artist and that means her business trips are also multifaceted. Not only is she out in Montana for the Yellowstone Season 5 production, but Lainey is also rocking the stage at the Under the Big Sky Festival. Quite the double duty, if you ask me.

If her onscreen career goes as well as her music career is going right now, then it’s going to be a ton of fun for fans to watch. Together with Cole Swindell, the singer has topped the charts with “Never Say Never.” So, you can say that life is going pretty well for the singer-turned-actor.

Lainey’s music has helped set the mood on Yellowstone for a while now. But, are there other songs that help get you in the Dutton mindset?

Outsider’s ‘Yellowstone’ Playlist

If you go over to Spotify you can check out the Yellowstone playlist that was put together by our own Lauren Boisvert. Called “The Yellowstone Effect” it features songs that will put you in the Dutton state of mind. And if that’s the case, God help anyone who decides to get on your bad side.

You will find songs from Colter Wall, Brandi Carlile, Led Zeppelin, Kate Busch, The Rolling Stones, and so many more. It’s featuring some classic songs from these artists and some songs that are a little bit unknown. Lauren did a great job putting that together, so if you need something to get you in the Western mood, check it out and give it a spin or two.

So, Outsiders, what do you want to see in Season 5? Lainey Wilson is going to bring a new character to the series, and there are other twists and surprises in store – as they always are. The new season is going to be exciting and it’s almost here. Well, just a few months away, that is.