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Yellowstone National Park’s ‘Zone of Death’ Might Be the Real-Life ‘Yellowstone’ TV Train Station

(Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)

Fans of “Yellowstone” know when a character goes to the “train station,” their time on the ranch has run out.

On the ranch, the “train station” is code for intentions to kill a person and hide the body. Though murder is often a subject of the show, only one character, Fred, a ranch hand in season one, has been taken to the train station. Fred, who picks a fight with fellow ranch hand Jimmy, takes a ride to the station with Lloyd.

In one of Yellowstone Ranch’s trucks, Fred expresses his dismay over being fired from working on the ranch. He grows curious as to where he is going as Lloyd drives further from civilization. When he asks the driver where they are going, he simply says “Train Station.”

Pulling over to the side of the side near a steep ledge, Lloyd proceeds to toss Fred’s personal belongings. Noticing that he is nowhere near an actual train station, he confronts Lloyd as to what is exactly going on. He says “This ain’t no train station” as Lloyd prepares to kill him.

“Sure it is,” the elder ranch states. “It’s a long black train.”

He then shoots Fred in the head killing him and sending him off of the ledge. It is the only instance of someone being murdered at the “train station” on the show. Wayward ranch hand Walker was supposed to meet his demise at the train station but is spared by Kayce Dutton.

Yellowstone ‘Train Station’ based on ‘Zone of Death?’

Does a place like the Yellowstone proverbial train station actually exist? Some people think there is a place in Yellowstone National Park that perfectly fits the description.

A small portion of the park is known as the “zone of death.”

The area is about 50 square acres sitting in the Idaho section of Yellowstone Park.

According to Daily Mail, there exists a loophole in the United States Constitution that would allow one to freely commit a crime, including murder, in the small section of Yellowstone Park.

The loophole comes from the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution. It states an individual charged with a crime has the right to a jury summoned from the state and district where the crime was committed.

However, the ‘Zone of Death’ falls in a district that has zero residential population. This mean a criminal act conducted in the region would technically have to be dismissed by a court of law.

For instance, if a murder occurs within the borders of the ‘zone of death,’ and the murderer admits to the crime and surrenders, then during trial, they can invoke the Sixth Amendment. This means the killer has the right to a jury made up of people living in both Idaho and the District of Wyoming, which would be those is living in the part of Idaho in Yellowstone. Because there is no population in this area, the case would, theoretically, have to be thrown out.

So, perhaps the Yellowstone ranchers have discovered this stipulation and used it to their advantage to rid themselves of disgruntled workers. With season four of the show around the corner, it’s possible someone will be taken to the “Zone of Death’ a.k.a. the “train station.”