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‘Yellowstone’ Shouts Out Rapper Drake for Rocking Dutton Ranch Jacket in Viral Video

(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

On Friday, Yellowstone made sure to recognize one of the most famous artists on the planet when the show’s official Twitter account came across him wearing a Dutton Ranch jacket. In a short clip taken on a fan’s phone at a bar, a woman is seen casually hanging out with the rapper Drake. Eagle-eyed viewers quickly pointed out Drake’s vest, which has the Dutton Ranch logo on the chest.

Recently, Drake was in Detroit and during his down time he was seen in a local bar. One woman sitting at the bar noticed the rapper ordering drinks and offered to buy him a shot. The woman orders a shot of whiskey for herself, and Drake gets a shot of tequila.

The woman asks if Drake is having fun in the city before welcoming the artist to Detroit. That’s about the only information we can gather from the 21-second clip. However, we got all the info we needed once realizing Drake is just like all of us here at Outsider who are huge Yellowstone fans. There’s plenty to love about the hit Paramount series, so we understand why he’s rocking the vest. In fact, the series took notice of his jacket as well.

“See, even @Drake lives up to the brand. #YellowstoneTV,” the show’s Twitter account said of the rapper.

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Jefferson White ‘Can’t Believe’ Drake Watches the Show

Some of the cast of Yellowstone seemed pretty excited that Drake obviously tunes into their show. A pair of fan favorites in the Dutton Ranch bunkhouse shared tweets in the comment section of Yellowstone‘s post. Jimmy actor Jefferson White told Drake and the woman from Detroit to stop by the ranch sometime for whiskey and tequila shots. Yet White hilariously put another cast member in charge of the tab.

“Can’t believe Drake watches @Yellowstone – both of you stop by the ranch, whiskey and tequila on @IanBohen ‘s tab,” White amusingly wrote on Twitter.

After putting the hypothetical bar tab on fellow bunkhouse member Ryan, actor Ian Bohen responded. Sounds like he doesn’t mind the tab as long as Drake joins the bunkhouse in a game of cowboy poker.

“One game of cowboy poker then the tabs on me,” Bohen agreed.

Also, for those of you interested in the awesome Yellowstone jacket that Drake owns, we’ve got you covered. Head on over to the Yellowstone Shop online to check out the show’s collaboration with workwear company Carhartt.

The item is called the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch Logo Carhartt Vest, and it comes in two colors. You can go with the black version of the vest like Drake is wearing, or there’s also a grey version. Both vests have the Carhartt label on the left chest and the Dutton Ranch logo on the right. The vest costs $163.95, and as of now, all sizes from Small to XXXL are still available HERE.