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‘Yellowstone’ Star Brecken Merrill Reacts to Tate’s Heroic Moment in Season 4 Premiere

(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

A new season of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” is up and running and Brecken Merrill is as excited as anyone.

The first two episodes of the brand new season were a shot of adrenaline right into the arm. There was so much action in the opening sequence and “Yellowstone” fans love how the season began. Brecken Merrill, the youngest member of the outstanding cast, also loves how the fourth season got going. Merrill plays Tate Dutton on the show and Tate emerged as an unlikely hero in the first episode. As many fans predicted, there was an attack on the “Yellowstone” Ranch that we didn’t see in season three. Caught up in the middle of the attack on the ranch were Monica and Tate Dutton. It would be young Tate that saved the day and rescued his mother who is fighting an intruder.

The 13-year-old Brecken Merrill took to social media on Monday to share his thoughts on the opening “Yellowstone” episode. Obviously, he has been holding in his thoughts with filming wrapping up earlier this year. It is easy to see that Merrill was pleased with his role in the first episode and we hope to get more Tate as the season rolls along.

“When you shoot a bad guy and there are 8 million witnesses,” Merrill writes. “Congratulations to Taylor Sheridan and the rest of the Yellowstone family — cast, crew and fans. We all work hard to bring this story to life and the fact that it’s so well-received feels gratifying. Hold on to your hats — season four is a wild ride.”

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Begins With a Bang

What an exciting thrill ride the first episode of season four was. Brecken Merrill’s Tate Dutton was a huge part of that, rising to the occasion like all knew he would.

The fourth season begins right where we left off in the third “Yellowstone” season. Several assassins attack the Dutton Ranch with aim of eliminating the family. After the attackers set Rip Wheeler’s cabin ablaze, they head to the main house where Monica and Tate are taking cover.

One of the attackers takes Monica to the ground and it appears that Monica could become the season’s first casualty. That is when young Tate jumps into action to save his mother. He fires a shotgun blast at the intruder, blowing him away and off of his mother. Tate looks somewhat mortified that he’s just killed a man — that could be a storyline to follow through season four.

“Yellowstone” fans, us here at Outsider included, are hoping we get to see much more of Tate Dutton in season four.