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‘Yellowstone’ Star Eden Brolin Reflects on Growth and Romance in New Photos

(Photo by Andrew Chin/Getty Images)

On the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone,” Eden Brolin plays Mia, the former love interest of ranch hand Jimmy Hurdstrom.

Away from the “Yellowstone” set, Brolin, daughter of Hollywood icon Josh Brolin, has a love interest of her own. With yesterday (Monday) being Valentine’s Day, Brolin took to social media to share kind words with her significant other. The “Yellowstone” star also includes a few photos of her and her love.

In her social media post, Brolin talks about how she and her man have grown in the last four years and says he has an “amazing heart.”

“Oh boy buddy, I can’t believe how much we’ve grown up in the last 4 and change years,” the “Yellowstone” actress says. “I think valentines posts feel sort of cheesy but I was craving an opportunity to publicly express how much you make my heart swell because, while we have our differences, who doesn’t, you have truly the most amazing heart. You have been so supportive and understanding, I love that we understand each other more every day, and are learning to communicate more openly and easily.”

“I marvel at your willingness, your humor, the way you feel so deeply. You bring me coffee every morning without fail, cook me food that nourishes me, and you are so patient and so kind. I’m grateful to laugh with you, I’m grateful to wake up to your sweet face. I love you, I look up to you and I can’t wait to get home and see you. Happy valentine’s day stinky.”

The photos that Brolin includes with her post show the happy couple having fun in several different locations. They certainly look happy in the pics.

‘Yellowstone’ Actress Eden Brolin is Also a Rock Star

When she isn’t on the “Yellowstone” set playing the barrel racing buckle bunny Mia, Eden Brolin can be found rocking out with her band, “Atta Boy.”

Brolin and her band put out an album in 2020 and don’t be surprised if you hear more from the rockers. In a 2021 interview with Cryptic Rock, She talks about the creative differences between acting and music.

“I think it’s a vastly different creative process for me,” she says. “I think I really, really like acting because there’s the sort of agreement you have as an actor to take either what’s been written or what a filmmaker is trying to get out of a character and into a scene. Whereas with songwriting, I have to push myself. I’m not saying I don’t do the work in acting; I think you do, but depending on what you’re doing, it can come a little bit more naturally. As much as I enjoy, you know, singing, playing music and whatnot, I really have to put the effort into making it happen.”

Brolin and the rest of the “Yellowstone” cast will get to work on season five in just a few months.