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‘Yellowstone’ Star Forrie J. Smith is ‘Going to Work’ in Glorious Horseback Cowboy Pic

Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Yellowstone fans are getting pumped for the new season with actor Forrie J. Smith’s behind-the-scenes photo.

With the new season just a few months away, Yellowstone fans are getting excited. And the show’s actors are fueling that enthusiasm with behind-the-scenes photos. Forrie J. Smith, who plays Lloyd on the show, recently shared a photo of himself and his castmates. In the photo, the three ride off on horseback into the mountain-scape while wearing their cowboy hats.

Along with the photo, the Yellowstone star wrote, “Going to work…What is your caption?”

Yellowstone‘s Forrie J. Smith Is A Real-Life Cowboy

Although all of the actors on Yellowstone offer insanely accurate depictions of life on a ranch, many of them never actually had any real-life cowboy experience. But that’s not the case for Forrie J. Smith. He grew up with the rodeo. In fact, his father is in the Canadian Cowboy Hall of Fame. And he’s even known on set for his signature cowboy call, “Yeehaw.” During a behind-the-scenes interview on Stories From the Bunkhouse, Smith talked about how his rodeo experience translates to his acting career.

“During the first season, I came on set and Kevin [ Costner] was like, ‘I knew you were here,'” said Smith. “And I was like, ‘Yeah? Did you look at the call sheet?’ And he was like, ‘No, I heard the ‘yeehaw‘ when you got out of the van.”

Smith said that the rodeo has always been his “world.” Returning to his cowboy roots for Yellowstone seems like a beautiful full-circle moment.

“Yea, I get excited to get to work with you guys. We all go out little niche now,” said Smith. “I was raised rodeo, my grandfather rodeoed back when then circled the cars…my real father is in the Canadian cowboy hall of fame. I’m a product of rodeo. As a kid I was kind of an outlaw. Rodeo, when I went behind the shoot. the juvenile probation officer, the principals, or whoever was on you at the time, I [could say] ‘this is out of your realm. This is my world now.”

Additionally, Smith said that the lessons he learned from the rodeo help keep him calm on the Yellowstone set.

“There are a lot of things that I learned from the rodeo, as an actor that I use,” said Smith. “I use the attitude. If you’re doubtful when you’re behind the shoots, if there are negative thoughts in your mind, they are going to come out at the wrong time. You could get maimed or hurt. You learn not to have negative thoughts.”

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