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‘Yellowstone’ Star Hints at Beck Brothers Being Involved in Dutton Attacks

(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

We are two weeks and three episodes deep into the fourth season of “Yellowstone” and some of the biggest questions remain.

In the third season premiere, we learn the fate of the show’s primary protagonists the Dutton Family. Surprisingly, all three Dutton family members survived the horrid season three attacks. While they are alive, John, Kayce and Beth Dutton were all injured in the attacks. All three have scars that remain from the attack on their lives.

“Yellowstone” fans are thrilled that the Duttons pulled through and will continue through the fourth season. This season’s biggest question, however, remains figuring out just who is behind the attacks. There is no shortage of speculation among “Yellowstone” fans and the Duttons have plenty of enemies with the motivation to take the prominent cattle ranching family out. Some believe a second-season antagonist could be behind the attacks.

Malcolm and Teal Beck were the Dutton Family’s greatest enemy in the second “Yellowstone” season. A ruthless family, the Beck brothers stepped over the line when they kidnapped Tate Dutton and had a militia group keep him prisoner. Now, “Yellowstone” star Jefferson White has poured a little gas on the speculation fire pointing toward the Becks. In a recent edition of “Stories From the Bunkhouse,” White lays out his theory.

“The Duttons have a lot of enemies and especially at the end of season three, over the course of three seasons they have made a lot of enemies,” he says. “The Duttons by this point have a lot of bodies on their hands. So in season two the Duttons effectively executed the Beck brothers. We don’t know who that pissed off. There was a simultaneous full-scale assault on the ranch.”

White is far from the only person who thinks the Becks could be responsible.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Believe Malcolm Beck Could be Behind Attack

Numerous “Yellowstone” fans buy into the theory that it could very well be Malcolm Beck behind the ambush on the Dutton family.

Beck is shot and presumably killed by John Dutton at the end of the second season. We do not, however, see his actual death on screen. This has led some to believe Malcolm is alive and seeking out revenge against the Duttons.

There are many points to be raised both for and against this theory. Beck would certainly have the resources to put together a coordinated attack of this magnitude.

Some fans even point to the bomb planted in the Beck Brother’s plane in season two. Could Malcolm have found the bomb and relocated it to Beth Dutton’s office complex? It certainly isn’t out of the realm of possibilities. It should be noted, however, that most “Yellowstone” fans believe both Beck Brothers are dead.

Still, you can’t put it past “Yellowstone” to pull out a shocker. We hope to learn more in the next new episode of the fourth season.