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‘Yellowstone’ Star Jen Landon Doesn’t Sound Anything Like Her Character Teeter

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Rip Wheeler’s orders were clear. John Dutton told him that any new female additions to the bunkhouse better be “ugly or mean.” Well, Jen Landon’s Teeter is undoubtedly one of those. But Landon herself couldn’t be further from the character she plays on Yellowstone.

“Mean” is relative. Teeter isn’t mean like a bully’s mean. Teeter’s got a mean mouth, can take a punch, and is a natural fit for the bunkhouse. Her rough n’ tumble Texas demeanor and drawl makes her hard to understand at times. From the first time we meet her, Rip has trouble catching her name until she all but spells it out for him.

But Landon’s Teeter character is a testament to her acting. Listen to Landon speak in regular conversation, and it can be difficult even to recognize her as Teeter.

In a recent post, the Yellowstone Twitter account shared a video of Landon discussing the Season 4 cast addition she’s most excited for fans to meet. See if you can pick up on even a hint of Teeter in her voice. We’ll wait.

“I am most excited for fans to meet Finn Little because he’s an awesome actor, and his character’s awesome. However, I was most excited to meet Jacki Weaver because she was one of my top 10 favorite actresses. But Taylor did not write a scene for me with Jacki, and production did not let me meet her,” said Landon.

There’s a lot to unpack here. First off, it’s jarring listening to Jen Landon speak after a week of watching non-stop Yellowstone in preparation for Season 4. No accent whatsoever. Second, we’re even more excited than we already were for the introduction of Finn Little’s young Carter character. And the same can be said for Jacki Weaver’s Caroline Warner.

The ‘Yellowstone’ Cast on Jen Landon’s Teeter Character

From the time Jen Landon showed up on set, her fellow Yellowstone cast members were blown away by her in-character transformation. Scratch that. From before she ever even set foot on location, the likes of Jefferson White and Denim Richards already knew what she was bringing to the table.

How? Well, Taylor Sheridan couldn’t restrain himself from showing the bunkhouse crew Landon’s audition tape.

“We’re always bugging Taylor for little tidbits about what’s coming up next, and I remember him being like, ‘Hey, you guys aren’t gonna believe this,” said Jimmy Hurdstrom actor Jefferson White. “And showing us an audition tape that Jen Landon had done. The Teeter she brings to life is so much more incredible.

With all of that said, we’d like to highlight one of our personal favorite Teeter lines. The clip is included in the video above, but it’s too much fun to spell it out.

“You ever wonder why there’s lee-zards in the mountains but nee snakes?” Teeter says as she fixes barbed wire alongside Denim Richard’s Colby. It doesn’t get much better than that.