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‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Celebrates New Year With Husband

(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

It is officially a brand new year and “Yellowstone” star Kelly Reilly is toasting 2021 and looking forward to 2022 in a new social media post.

“Yellowstone” fans know Kelly Reilly as the sassy, headstrong Beth Dutton on the hit Paramount Network series. Reilly, an English actress, is extraordinary as the foul-mouthed and manipulative queen of “Yellowstone” Ranch. Reilly has been with the modern western drama since the very beginning and has easily become one of the show’s most popular characters, Beth Dutton is one of the most complex characters on
“Yellowstone” and Reilly does an excellent job of giving her all the layers that we’ve come to love. There is just one more episode remaining in season four and fans are anxious to see what happens to Beth. After the most recent episode, Beth is at odds with her father, cattle rancher John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner.

While we are no doubt ready for what the finale brings us, Reilly and several other “Yellowstone” cast members are focusing on 2022. In her most recent social media post, Reilly shares a photo of her and her husband. The couple is looking forward to another successful year and hoping the same for others.

“Another year of love .. so grateful for you,” Reilly says along with a photo of her husband. “Wishing everyone a beautiful year.”

In a testament to the “Yellowstone” star’s popularity, Reilly’s Saturday social media post too in more than 17,000 “likes” in under an hour. Among those liking and commenting on the photo were Reilly’s co-star Brecken Merrill and Cynthia Hauser, wife of Rip Wheeler actor Cole Hauser.

“Happy New Year to you too!” a “Yellowstone” fan and social media user writes in reply. “Can’t wait to see how Yellowstone ends this season!”

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Wraps Up Tomorrow Night

It doesn’t seem possible, but the fourth season of “Yellowstone” will conclude Sunday.

While fans of the show are sad to see it ending, we are anxiously awaiting the final season four episode. “Yellowstone” cast members have teased another cliffhanger ending to the current season. It might be hard to top the season three ending but you can bet there will be a few twists in turns in the finale.

Beth Dutton ended the most recent episode on a sour note as her father all but kicks her out of his house. It seems John Dutton has grown tired of his daughter’s malicious ways and wants to move on without her — and he might not be the only one.

It seems unfathomable, but it looks like Rip Wheeler’s feelings for his fiancee may be changing as well. After witnessing her sobbing in the last episode, Rip does not do anything to comfort Beth. Instead, he simply shuts the door to the bunkhouse and walks away.