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‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Reveals If He Would Ever Star in Christmas Movie After Petition Circulates


Kevin Costner isn’t just popular with “Yellowstone” fans, but with film and TV fanatics of all ages and demographics. And now, these fans want to see him star in a new role he hasn’t touched in four decades of acting: a Christmas movie.

That’s right, Outsiders. The gruff and tough John Dutton might just be hitting your screens during the holiday season with a heartwarming homage to the best time of year. Last year, a petition started making the rounds in December to see how many people wanted to see the “Yellowstone” star in a holiday film. As of today, October 28, 2021, almost 3,200 people have signed it.

“Fans around the world are signing a petition to let Kevin Costner know that his fans are interested in him considering adding a holiday movie to his list of films,” the petition reads. “‘Dances with Wolves,’ ‘Field of Dreams,’ ‘No Way Out’ are all great films, but we have nothing for the holidays.  If you would like to let him know you would like to see him in a holiday theme movie, then add your name to his list.”

“Yellowstone” and Kevin Costner fans also created the hashtag, #CostnerChristmas. It’s started resurfacing again as we get closer to the holiday season.

Yesterday, an interview with Extra TV, Costner became aware of the Christmas phenomenon for the first time ever. When the interviewer asked if he’d ever star in a holiday movie, Costner said, “If I do one, I want it to be classic… That’s a difficult movie to come upon… Someone is gonna have to write something that elevates itself, and if it does, I’ll do it.”

Sounds like he won’t settle for any throwaway Hallmark Christmas flick. Only a true effort and dedication to the classic Christmas films will do for the “Yellowstone” star.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Kevin Costner Teases John and Beth Dutton’s Fates in Season 4

Earlier this week, the official “Yellowstone” Twitter account sent out a taunting message to fans about the fates of Beth and John Dutton. When we left off with them in Season 3, Beth’s office exploded and someone shot John on the side of the road.

“Will Beth and John survive the attacks against them?” the show’s account tweeted out.

Many fans chimed in with their thoughts. But they paid close attention when Kevin Costner replied to the tweet. His response was not as reassuring as many fans would’ve liked.

“What do you think?” the “Yellowstone” star asked.

Mainly, we’d like to think that they both survive. But it’s not looking too promising, especially with Beth being in the same room as the bomb when it exploded. John, at least, didn’t die immediately because the bullet aimed for his heart hit the cell phone in his breast pocket instead. Plus, based on the trailers, we know Rip finds him bleeding out.

We’ll have to wait until Nov. 7 to know what happens for sure. See you there, Outsiders.