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‘Yellowstone’ Star Luke Grimes Speaks on How Playing Kayce Dutton Is a ‘Dream Job’

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Since Luke Grimes joined the Yellowstone cast, he’s been living out a life-long dream. On set, Grimes gets to portray no-nonsense Kayce Dutton, who often has to navigate both physical and emotional challenges. Portraying such an intense role takes a lot of dedication and hard work, but Grimes wouldn’t trade his job for the world.

In a recent interview with Gold Derby, Grimes shared what he loves most about his job. And as Yellowstone fans can imagine, it’s a long list.

“I mean it only ever feels like a win-win,” Grimes said of his role. “It is such a dream job in the way that you know that the cast the crew we all get along so well we all love the story we’re telling. We get to shoot it in a beautiful place. So yeah, man I’m thrilled. Couldn’t be happier.”

Luke Grimes is equally as ecstatic that viewers love watching Yellowstone as much as the cast loves creating it. When he first read the script, he instantly fell in love. And who could blame him? From the second the show appeared on screens, the excitement and action hasn’t stopped.

“I know starting to show something that was really important to me, one of my favorite scripts I’ve ever read, and people kind of loving it and watching it and having the numbers grow just means we get to do it longer,” Grimes said.

Luke Grimes Explains Why ‘Yellowstone’ Scenes with Kayce Dutton Are Never Boring

While not every scene is jam-packed with gunfights and complicated schemes, there really aren’t any scenes in Yellowstone that are “boring,” and according to Luke Grimes, that’s thanks to creator Taylor Sheridan’s impressive writing and character development. Thanks to Sheridan, Kayce Dutton never has a dull moment on the show. In fact, Grimes claimed that the creator helps keep the stakes high enough to keep fans invested.

“If a scene is boring, it’s because your stakes aren’t high enough,” Grimes explained. “And with Kayce it’s like, they’re always as high as possible. So, you know, the way that Taylor writes things, they’re very playable and there’s so much that you want there’s so much you’re trying to get – there’s so much that you’re fighting for.”

Grimes also claimed that this is why people love Yellowstone so much.

“It makes you really care about these characters because you really know what they’re after,” he said.

The combination of the admirable characters and high-risk situations keeps fans coming back for more and has them counting the days till the next season.

Because of this, Grimes says “The last name ‘Dutton’ is almost iconic at this point. You say that and people know who you’re talking about.”