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‘Yellowstone’ Star Wes Bentley on How All of Beth Dutton’s Threats ‘Are Real’

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Any “Yellowstone” fan could tell you that when Beth Dutton makes a promise — or a threat — she keeps her word.

All of her moves are intentional and purposeful, including the steps she makes to take down her enemies. In this case, one of her biggest enemies also happens to be her adopted brother, Jamie Dutton. And in the latest episode of “Yellowstone,” we saw her and John Dutton take Jamie down a notch when Governor Perry endorsed John for the governorship.

In that scene, the look on Jamie’s face is both heartbreaking and priceless. For a moment, he really thought that his adopted father and sister were there to support him. But instead, they’ve just set the wheels in motion for his eventual fall from grace.

Wes Bentley, the actor who plays Jamie on “Yellowstone,” spoke in a behind-the-scenes clip about what that moment was like for him.

“Talking about it from Jamie’s point of view, it just feels like, you know, when does this ever end for Jamie?” Bentley said. “When will these people stop? That’s already crushing enough, and that it’s done right in front of him. But then Beth digs it in, of course.”

The “Yellowstone” video cuts to the scene where Beth leans in close to Jamie and says to him, “This is just the beginning.” He’s still reeling from the turn of events, but this threat immediately puts him on high alert.

“And it’s clear all of her threats are real, that she is coming, for every bit of Jamie,” Bentley continued. “Every bit of anything positive and good, physically, emotionally in the man. She’s gonna remove it. There’s nowhere to hide.”

The only person in Jamie’s corner now? His biological father, Garrett Randall. And possibly Jamie’s ex-girlfriend Christina. But can either of them truly stand against Beth Dutton?

How Many Threats Has Beth Made Towards Jamie on ‘Yellowstone?’

Since Season 1 of “Yellowstone,” we’ve watched Beth and Jamie clash over and over again. At first, fans believed it was because of their different personalities. But as time went on, Beth’s threats towards Jamie grew more and more serious, especially once he turned on the Duttons.

During Season 2, after getting attacked in her office, Beth confronted Jamie and placed the family’s misfortune at his feet. She made a threat to him that’s still chilling to watch, to this day.

“You know, one day, Jamie, as much as it f****** astonishes me, someone will love you. And you’ll love somebody. And I can’t wait to take that from you. Even if I have to kill it with my bare hands. I will take it from you,” Beth promises him in the scene.

Could this be a build-up to Beth hurting Christina or the baby? We’d like to think Beth wouldn’t harm an innocent child, but her rage over Jamie consumes her sometimes.

And now, during “Yellowstone” Season 4, she believes he ordered the attacks on all the Duttons. And in the first episode, she promised that he would die by her hands.

“I’m going to kill you. But when I do it, I’m not gonna farm it out like you, you f****** coward. I’m going to do it myself,” Beth says. “I’m going to kill you, Jamie, I’m going to f****** kill you for what you did to my family.”

You can tell Jamie believes her then, too. Is the “beginning” she refers to in the last episode, then, an indicator that the end is near for Jamie Dutton?

To see more about the fraught relationship between Jamie and Beth, check out the Season 3 video below.