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‘Yellowstone’ Stars Talk Filming Lloyd’s Guitar-Smashing Scene

(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

A moment that every “Yellowstone” fan has been waiting on finally happened in the most recent episode of season four.

The guitar-smashing scene was a thing of real beauty and one that put “Yellowstone” fans on the edges of their seats. Both Forrie J. Smith (Lloyd) and Ryan Bingham (Walker) play the scene to perfection. The actors talk about what went into filming the scene in a Monday social media post.

“The latest Lloyd and Walker showdown is not for the faint of heart,” the post says. “The cast breaks down the coordination it took to bring it all to life.”

“Part of Lloyd’s angst is seeing the change and it’s something that is bothering him,” Smith says.

Bingham says the moment leading up to the guitar smashing was a tense situation. He says smashing an acoustic guitar is not a pretty sight.

“I remember when he came in and he was going to do it and everyone is just kind of sitting around waiting for him to do it,” Bingham recalls. “If you’ve never seen an acoustic guitar explode — it isn’t pretty. It’s loud and there’s a lot of flying pieces.”

Smith pulls the scene off with fury and anger that the audience can feel. At that moment, “Yellowstone” viewers can sense just how much this is hurting Lloyd and he takes it out on the guitar.

‘Yellowstone’ Ranch Hands Square Off in Brutal Fight

“Yellowstone” ranch hands Lloyd and Walker have been beefing since season three and it has now reached the boiling point. Buckle bunny Laramie is the cause of the division but it looks as if she may no longer be an issue with Rip Wheeler declaring no girls in the bunkhouse. In the most recent episode, Lloyd has reached his breaking point. He grabs Walker’s guitar and smashes it to bits in a highly enjoyable scene. He then stabs Walker in the chest with a knife. Walker survives the incident and when he arrives back at the bunkhouse, he is told that he and Lloyd will have it out once for all.

With Rip, John Dutton and the “Yellowstone” bunkhouse crew looking on, the spiteful ranch hands duke it out. Lloyd emerges as the winner of the brawl but is then beaten by Rip, who also breaks Lloyd’s hand. Lloyd helps Walker to his feet before both are addressed by John Dutton. The combatants tell John that they now have an understanding. We’ll see if this “understanding” holds up for the rest of the season.

Lloyd has certainly had a rough start to season four and fans are questioning why. A favorite among “Yellowstone” fans, Lloyd, it appears, has become the bunkhouse whipping boy.

We’ll have to see how this storyline plays out for the remainder of the season.