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‘Yellowstone’ Stars Luke Grimes and Jen Landon Rock Cowboy Hats Teaming Up for Fan Event

(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

The fall season will soon be upon us and for fans of the Paramount Network show “Yellowstone,” that means the return of our favorite show.

While “Yellowstone” creators have assured us that the extended wait will be well worth it, fans of the show are getting their western fix in other ways. Many fans have taken over forum sites in order to discuss their favorite show with their fellow watchers. Others have watched the first three seasons several times over in search of clues about the fourth season. A few lucky fans recently got to meet a couple of actors on the show at a fan event.

“Yellowstone” cast members Luke Grimes and Jen Landon were the show’s attendees for the special event. The pair was more than happy to sign autographs and even take a couple of photos. Luke and Jen dressed the part as well, with their best cowboy hats in tow. Though a location is not given, the actors appear to be at a sporting goods store. Their setup includes more than a few “Yellowstone” logos in the vicinity and a small table where the actors are greeting fans. It was certainly a huge treat for fans of the show to see two of its biggest stars.

Luke Grimes plays the hard-headed but loyal cowboy, Kayce Dutton on “Yellowstone” to near perfection. Kayce is the son of cattle ranch owner John Dutton and is married to his wife, Monica Dutton. Together, they have a young son, the curious cowboy in training, Tate Dutton.

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Kayce doesn’t go out looking for trouble but it always seems to find and follow him. A former Navy Seal, Kayce is a highly capable cowboy and soldier, which doubles his value to the “Yellowstone” Ranch. We often get to see Kayce use his military training in intense situations. In the second season, he and his family take on an entire armed militia in order to retrieve his son.

The third season of “Yellowstone” ends with the Dutton family coming under attack, including Kayce. He is approached by unknown gunmen who advance on his off. Kayce is able to flip over his desk and take cover before the armed men enter the room. His status for season four is unclear though expect he survives the attack and will be alive when the new season arrives.

Jen Landon plays trash-talking “Yellowstone” ranch hand, Teeter, on the show. Teeter was only introduced this past season but has already made her mark on the ranch. She exits the third season having earned her “Yellowstone” brand and gaining a love interest. The unlikely romance between Teeter and fellow ranch hand, Colby, is one that fans want to see take center stage next season.

With “Yellowstone” set to return for season four in November, the wait for answers is shrinking by the day.