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‘Yellowstone’ Tate Dutton Clothing: His Dutton Ranch Style and Actor Brecken Merrill’s Outsider Shop Shirt Look

Photo credit: Paramount Press Gallery and via Brecken Merrill

Snagging that perfect Tate Dutton look is as easy as visiting the Outsider Shop, alongside these other perfect pics straight from Yellowstone.

Ready to capture that youthful Dutton look? Regardless of his age, Tate’s Yellowstone wardrobe is made up of timeless ranch-ready pieces. So, too, are the looks sported by the young man behind Tate, Brecken Merrill:

An Outsider to his core, Merrill was recently spotted on set sporting the Outsider Shop Shirt in Navy. He’s got it nailed, too, pairing his with a classic white tee and a trusty pair of jeans. As with any Outsider Shop Shirt, the left patch is custom-branded for Brecken. Snag one for yourself, and it’ll come custom-labeled with your name, too – or however you wish to label it!

Outsider’s Shop Shirt also comes in Black if you’re feeling a bit more Rip Wheeler. But we’re here to showcase Tate Dutton’s Yellowstone looks, so let’s hit the essentials first.

Tate Dutton Essentials:

(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

We’ve watched Brecken Merrill grow up over the course of 4 Yellowstone seasons, too. Yet through it all, his look has stayed consistent. He’s definitely his father’s son when it comes to style, to say the least.

One way he differs from his father, however, is his distinctive light cowboy hat. Sporting a bone-white wide brim showcases Tate’s innocence as part of Hollywood’s great Light vs Dark cowboy hat tradition.

‘Yellowstone’ Tate Dutton Hats

Whenever sporting a wide brim, Tate is always seen in his light cowboy hat throughout the series. Since his is oversized (looking to be an adult cowboy hat plopped onto the youngster’s head), we recommend an affordable classic:

More often than not, Tate Dutton is sporting a trucker hat branded for his family ranch. His is the brown version, however, and not the traditional black we see most characters in. His brown hat is available at the official Yellowstone store:

Like his dad, Kayce Dutton, Tate also sports a casual camo hat in the series. And Outsider has a match available in our official shop hat:

Casual Tate Hat: Outsider Camo Flag Hat ($30)

(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Build a Full Tate Dutton Youth Look:

Looking to dress a youngster in full Tate Dutton attire? Look no further. Between the official Carhartt duck bib overalls he sports on the show and the jacket & jeans options below, you’ll be able to build a full Tate Dutton Yellowstone look:

Ready to dress alongside in adult Dutton attire? Check out Outsider’s full breakdown of the best Yellowstone looks below, from Kayce and John Dutton to Beth and Rip: