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‘Yellowstone’s Taylor Sheridan: ‘I Just Make Movies to Support My Horse Habit’

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When Taylor Sheridan was looking for work as an actor, he found it. But the Yellowstone creator would soon find writing to be his passion. In a special story with CBS Sunday Morning, Sheridan talked about his career. He also talked about his passion for horses. Perhaps that’s the real reason behind the writer’s Western obsession.

Accuracy and authenticity. Those two words are a good summary of how Sheridan treats his work. He wants his shows and movies to speak to the people who watch them. You won’t see any CGI horse riding in his productions. And, you won’t see regular old entertainment industry equine, either.

The actor-turned-writer has had another passion fueling his creative efforts for years. Horses. His animals are very important to him, just like his productions. That kind of goes hand in hand with one another, too. Taylor Sheridan provides most of the horses on his shows. That way, he knows that the animals are well-trained, and the actors are all going to be safe.

“All the horses, for the most part, in our business are terrible. They’re not very broke, they’re not very safe. Which is why you don’t see actors up on them often,” he explained.

His love for horses fuels his writing, and his writing fuels his need for more horses.

“I just make movies to support my horse habit,” he said to Lee Cowan.

When it comes to doing all the things a cowboy needs to do, Taylor Sheridan has plenty of experience. So much so that he came onto Yellowstone as Travis, the man who trains the ranchhands on horseback. His dedication to the craft is unmatched. It’s a huge reason why his shows are so successful.

Taylor Sheridan Shrugged Hollywood Off

When Taylor Sheridan wanted to make Yellowstone a thing, he didn’t have a lot of support from the institutions in Hollywood. In fact, he was told that the Western genre, any Western, was dead. No one wanted it anymore. But now, with the most popular show on TV, he’s turned the industry on its head.

“Look, anytime Hollywood says a genre is dead, it’s because they make a bunch of ad movies about it,” he said.

So, all he had to do was make a good one. And, I’d say with the help of Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser, and the rest of the cast and crew – he’s done just that. Each horse, each rider, and actor has played a big role in making it a story that feels real, but is still exaggerated and made for TV.

With Season 5 being put together as we speak, the hype for Taylor Sheridan’s flagship series is only going to grow.