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‘Yellowstone’: Tim McGraw Was ‘Hooked’ After Filming His Flashback Scene in Episode 8

(Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images for Wynn Las Vegas)

On last night’s episode of Yellowstone we got to see a flashback that featured stars of 1883 Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. It couldn’t have been better!

The flashback proved to be a great primer for the premiere episode of 1883. While some fans thought it took focus away from the story at hand in the present, however, the entire Yellowstone universe is expanding.

While Tim McGraw and the cast of 1883 have filmed a lot now, this flashback was the first scene that was filmed. It was interesting enough for the James Dutton actor. In fact, it is what got him fully into the role. In an episode of Behind the Story, McGraw talked about filming that scene and what it meant to him.

“That was the very first scene that I shot,” McGraw said. “I was completely hooked. The adrenaline is pumping like crazy, feeling completely and fully in the moment while you’re doing it. It just doesn’t get any better than that as an actor.”

Then, there is the attitude that McGraw has to bring. James is a tough man. He is willing to do anything for his family. Sound like another Dutton that we all know and love? The actor went on to say, “You have to make sure they know you’re a mean son of a bitch and this will not happen on your land.” That might as well be the Dutton family motto, to be honest.

You can see the same hot streak that John Dutton has in him in McGraw’s character as well. The Dutton ancestor is going to have a hard road ahead of him. Then again, as Kevin Costner’s character runs for governor he is going to have a lot of trouble coming his way soon enough.

‘Yellowstone’ Celebrates New Life and Takes A Life

In Episode 8 last night there were two big new developments. Setting aside the flashback scene and all of that, the Dutton family has some good news. It turns out that the Duttons are going to be expanding. Kayce and Monica are pregnant again and that means that they will have their second child. Although, the news has some folks feeling nervous about Monica’s future.

Then as the end of Yellowstone came around last night there was a big gunfight. We have seen those this season and John is never afraid to pull out his rifle or pistol. With Rip and Sheriff Haskell, the three of them went into the diner to stop robbers that had taken up residence in the place. While they took out the bad guys, not all was good for the sheriff. Haskell was fatally wounded and died on the scene.

Now, the political landscape surrounding John and his ranch are going to be shaken up. If he doesn’t get a friendly sheriff to replace Haskell, he could run into problems later on. Yellowstone always keeps us on our toes.