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‘Yellowstone’ TV Actors Dish on Teeter and Colby’s Love Story

(Source: Paramount Networks Press Center, Yellowstone Series Photography)

The story of the star-crossed “Yellowstone” lovers have fans wanting more details. Christmas comes early as the TV show’s actors open up about Teeter and Colby’s love story.

A video released on Twitter today has spilled quite a bit of information. The caption reads:

“The romance in the bunkhouse just hits different. #BunkhouseBoys #YellowstoneTV”

Teeter and Colby on ‘Yellowstone’

While getting drunk, Teeter says in her typically obscene dialect,” F**k it. It’s Friday night somewhere.”

As Colby enters the Bunk House, he says, “No. Today is Friday. Like literally right now is Friday.”

Teeter takes a cowboy hat, thrusts it between her legs, and throws it to Colby while saying, “Then Friday’s your lucky f**kin’ day.”

What Does the Actress Who Plays Teeter Has to Say?

Jen Landon, the actress who plays Teeter, admits she knew her character would be obsessed with Colby. She explains how Teeter sees Colby as the “most attractive guy she’s ever seen.”

Landon continues, “But also, Teeter gets off on the chase.”

And a chase it has been since the two are polar opposites of one another who come together through their differences.

The Chase Between the Two

Since Colby is so good-natured and big-hearted, Teeter’s unruly behavior and misinterpretation of aggression as being a way of flirtation have a way of both confusing yet intriguing the “Yellowstone” ranch hand.

However, the two have become drawn to each other. Colby understands Teeter’s unconventional ways, and it seems those ways attract him even more to her. 

When Colby is told Teeter is growing on him, he denies the fact. Then in the same scene where the women have gotten into the alcohol in the Bunk House and are having a good time, he admits:

“Okay. She has like a couple moves and stuff. It’s kinda like she’s a dancer. She’s studied it,” Colby says admiringly, as he views her loosely dancing from behind in a beautiful way.

Denim Richards, Also Known As Colby

Denim Richards, the actor who plays Colby on the hit TV show, explains his character’s feelings regarding Teeter.

“Oh, she’s crazy,” says Richards. “And I love it.”

“Wanna Go Skinny Dippin’?”

A scene arises where Teeter asks Colby if he wants to go skinny dippin’ to which he replies, “Skinny dippin’?” He repeats her question because it is so bizarre to his typical calm and cool behavior.

“You ain’t wonderin’ what I said now, ‘Are ya?'” she replies as she begins undressing herself and heading to the water.

Landon thinks for a moment during the interview, and says, “I don’t think I licked his face, but I think I was thinking about it.”

Looking Forward to More Teeter and Colby in Season 4

Teeter’s rough and callous behavior continues in a scene where she asks Colby how he’s doing in the backseat of the truck. When he replies he’s fine, she very nonchalantly replies, “Okay. Cause you oughta be up here on mama’s lap. But that’s alright. It’s OK.”

Ryan laughs while Colby puts his hand over his hat and eyes, obviously embarrassed.

With the ending of Season 3 and the video promos “Yellowstone” is currently putting out, fans are eagerly awaiting season 4 and the love stories it may or may not contain.