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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did Beth Dutton Make an Enemy Out of Bob Schwartz in Season 3?

Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Did Beth Dutton make an enemy out of friend and business partner Bob Schwartz in season three of Yellowstone?

Beth worked for banker Bob Schwartz’s company Schwartz & Meyer on Yellowstone. According to Western Series Fandom, Schwartz & Meyer is a bank mainly located in Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s named after Bob Schwartz, and his unnamed partner, we can only assume, has the name, Meyer. One of their employees is Beth Dutton. She opened an office in Bozeman, Montana, when the bank started working in its vicinity.

Reddit Fans on Yellowstone’s Bob Schwartz

Yellowstone fans on Reddit question where Bob disappeared to at the end of season three. Now that you mention it, we haven’t seen our old business partner for quite a while. Did he go back to Salt Lake City after buying up the land in Montana?

“Bring back Bob Schwartz!” exclaims one user named 7Ruby18. “I liked his character. Did he get fired, like Beth, when Market Equities took over Schwartz & Meyer, or did they buy him out? I enjoyed the conversations between him and Beth.”

They continued, describing an interaction between the two. “Beth: ‘Guys like Dan Jenkins don’t have enough junk in their shorts. How are fixed for junk?…I always knew you kept it tucked in your sock, Bob.'”

Ahh, yes, Beth and her witty humor. However, we doubt that Bob got fired from his own banking company. His name is on the darn sign!

The Yellowstone fan continued with possibilities as to why Beth and Bob may no longer be friends and business partners, and now potential enemies.

“Does he blame Beth for what happened to them, or is it just (a very painful) par for the course in their business? Beth, referencing Dan Jenkins: “Is he a friend of yours?” Bob: “Of course he’s a friend. But this is business. If you can ruin him, ruin him.”

Fans Debate the Identity of Meyers

Finally, the Yellowstone fan brings up a serious question, who is Meyers? Furthermore, will we ever meet this mysterious character?

“And where is the Meyers half of the company? He or she would have also been a victim of Willa, Roarke, and Market Equities’ takeover. Will that character ever surface?”

As for now, we don’t have time to worry about who Beth is and isn’t making enemies out of. She obviously made one very powerful foe that tried and potentially succeeded at killing her off.

Will Bob come back if Beth is killed? Will he stick up for his young partner, or is he to blame?

So many questions. So little answers! Yellowstone season four, WHERE ARE YOU!