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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Cast Hints at Duttons and Broken Rock Going to War in Season 4

Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Could season four of Yellowstone throw fans a war between the Duttons and Broken Rock? The cast may give a hint at the possibility.

Yellowstone really just doesn’t take any wild storyline off the table. Three attacks in 10 minutes? Sure! A kidnapping? Absolutely. A murderous father that leads to Jamies adoption? Why not.

So, what does Taylor Sheridan have in store for us in Yellowstone’s fourth season? Take your best guess, and we are sure it’s been at least considered. Could the western drama throw us a battle scene? Could a war break out between the Broken Rock Reservation and the Dutton’s Yellowstone Ranch?

Actors Hint at Trouble

Yellowstone stars Ian Bohen (Ryan), and Denim Richards (Colby) may hint that trouble is on the horizon.

According to Express, “You’re always trying to find some kind of common thread,” says Richards. “Something where it’s like ‘is there a way we can not point these guns at each other and point them somewhere else?’ The Duttons are not interested in building anything on their land, and neither is Rainwater in their tribe.”

While neither wants to tarnish the land, they both want to be sole owners of it. However, in season three, Rainwater and Dutton called a ceasefire to take down Market Equities, who plan to take the land for themselves and destroy it with an airport.

“And so, when you have these corporations who want to come in to build this and build that, it’s just ‘no, no, no, you have no emotional ties to the land. So let’s take care of them, and then we’ll take care of each other.”

Ian Bohen also chimed in, saying, “For the time being, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And I’ll use that as long as I can, and everybody’s gonna take advantage of that until the most imminent threat disappears. And then we’re gonna return to business as usual.”

Is Yellowstone Heading Back to War

In the first episode of the series, we saw the first sign of issues to come between the two areas.

The situation arose when John Dutton’s cattle escaped from a broken fence and crossed onto the reservation territory. Now that the cattle were on the reserved land, the Native Americans who lived nearby, including Monica Long’s brother, claimed the cattle as their own.

It’s as if we had backtracked in time to the beginning of the United States, where it was cowboys vs. Native Americans.

Unfortunately, blood was shed on both ends of the Montana battlefield that night. But could Yellowstone be heading down that dark path once again?

Chief Thomas Rainwater, the leader of the Broken Rock Reservation, is determined to bring John Dutton’s massive property back to “his people.” Furthermore, if a battle does break out, will the Yellowstone cowboys and ranch hands really be willing to put their lives on the line for a war that doesn’t involve them but their place of employment?