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‘Yellowstone’ TV: The Clue You Missed Pointing to Biker Gang Attacking John Dutton in Season 3 Finale

Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Tack another set of names to the list of potential “Yellowstone” enemies. Did the California biker gang attack John Dutton?

In a long list of people that potentially carried out the attacks on Beth, Kayce, and John Dutton, we would like to debate the possibility of the biker gang as potential suspects. One clue on “Yellowstone” you missed may point to the group as the assassins in question.

How many enemies can one family have?

‘Yellowstone’ Meets Divine Discord Gang

Midway through the third season, fans were shocked to meet the Divine Discord Biker Gang, who had set up camp on part of the “Yellowstone” ranch. They cut the fence to the property and made themselves right at home, roasting weenies over a fire and blaring music. In their defense, the gang thought they were on the Yellowstone National Park and not the “Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.”

After Ryan threatens to write the group up for trespassing, the leader of the Divine Discord group thoroughly examines the badge and tells Ryan he is simply a Livestock Agent and holds no actual authority in this situation on Yellowstone.

“It’s the f**king cow police,” says the man… Big mistake.

Teeter and another woman from the group then exchange a few words, and the situation starts when our favorite pink-haired ranch hand swings at the lady.

Rip to the Rescue

Colby, Ryan, and Teeter take on the group, sorely outnumbered. Thankfully, none other than Lloyd and Rip come driving by to end the problem. Rip swerves his black “Yellowstone” issued truck into the line of parked motorcycles. Armed with just a branding iron, Rip charges into the field, Lloyd in tow. Within seconds the fight is over. Rip rings a warning to the group leader, and it’s one that I wouldn’t want to test.

“I’m going to give you one last chance. You leave now, or you never leave. I’ll bury you where you f**king stand!”

The man must have been hard at hearing because later that night, John Dutton and Rip sit by the fire as a few biker gang members sneak back into the field. John makes them dig their own graves but ultimately lets them go free. His warning says to never return to the ‘Yellowstone’ or anywhere in Montana if they would like to live.

Did the Biker Gang Attack John?

Did they listen this time or get revenge? Were these leather-wearing bikers the ones who carried out the attacks on Beth, Kayce, and John? Why didn’t they also go after Jamie?

A Reddit user points out one clue that “Yellowstone” missed, saying the group are the ones behind just John’s attacks.

“I’m thinking the attack on John Dutton was possibly carried out by the motorcycle group from California coming back for revenge. If I’m not mistaken, the license plate on the van driven by John’s assassins has California tags. Just because they tucked tail and left like cowards last time we saw does not mean they weren’t planning for revenge immediately after being allowed to leave the ranch.”

Then what about the conveniently timed other attacks?