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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Could Jamie Dutton & Gov. Perry Be ‘In Cahoots’ on Season 3 Finale Attacks?

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The season 3 finale of “Yellowstone” left a lot of unanswered questions. Some are more prevalent than others, like who ordered the targeted hit on the Dutton family. However, there are some that are left to more of a “thinking man’s game,” such as the theory that two characters could possibly be working together. Those two characters are John Dutton’s son Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley), and John’s love interest, the Montana Governor Lynelle Perry (Wendy Moniz-Grillo).

The possibility of these characters working together could’ve started in season 1 or 2. Gov. Perry did suggest that Jamie should replace the retiring Attorney General. The two do work in the same building, meaning that they could easily devise a plan against John (Kevin Costner).

However, the major hint came to the forefront as season 3 came to a close. Gov. Perry and Jamie are chatting one-on-one about the Dutton’s land battle. What’s more, these two seemingly come up with some sort of “secret agreement.”

As fans are watching and rewatching, Paramount’s most successful show, they’re analyzing clues on what to expect in the forthcoming season.

Fans Speculate if Jamie Dutton and Gov. Perry are Working Together

One theory that’s been honed in on is the speculation that Jamie Dutton and Gov. Perry are in “cahoots” with one another. A newcomer to the series poses this question in regards to Jamie and the Montana Governor on Reddit.

“Are Jamie and the Gov in cahoots?” they question. “The governor never seemed like somebody who cared about anybody but her power (aside from an episode or two). I kinda feel like the governor knew what she was doing from the very moment at the rodeo when she told John she wanted Jamie as AG.”

Several fans offer up their thoughts on Jamie Dutton and Gov. Perry’s relationship. “I don’t think they’re in cahoots, but I think the Governor is trying to do things that are best for the state. John knows this, but knows that she’s going to make sure John is taken care of, and it isn’t done in a vindictive way. Jamie seems very vindictive.”

However, this commenter has a different theory. “I’ve said it before but Jamie’s not a snake. Snakes are smart. Jamie is one of the most reliable f-ck ups the world has ever seen. When presented with a choice to make, he will choose the absolute worst possible option. Every. Time. It’s like an amazing God given talent he has,” this poster continues. “So the interesting question is: are all these screw ups going to somehow lead to him ending up winning in the end. That would be amazing. My money is he will be dead sooner than later.”

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