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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Could Kayce Dutton Call in Help From the Navy SEALS in Season 4?

Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Could Kayce Dutton call in the help of his Navy SEAL friends after the attacks on his family in the Yellowstone season three finale?

It pays to have friends in high places, or in Kayce Dutton’s case, highly trained military personnel.

Kayce Dutton’s Military Training

Before fans met the Dutton family on Yellowstone, we discovered Kayce once fled home, his family, and his new pregnant bride, Monica, to join the military. He excelled at the job and went on to become a Navy SEAL- the best of the best. Upon returning home, he gets caught up with family and rival drama that has him continuously breaking the law, but who hasn’t at this point.

Now, with season three leaving some pretty significant question marks, the Yellowstone ranch may be calling on the help of some friends in high places. John already has ties with the governor as they take their dealings to bed… literally, so the law is already in their favor. Kayce serves as the Livestock Commissioner and potentially future governor of Montana. Jamie is the acting Attorney General, however, his loyalties are in question. Furthermore, law enforcement and other local residents fall in the Duttons corner.

However, fans may have forgotten about one vital asset in the Dutton’s back pocket. Kayce Dutton was a former SEAL, meaning he has friends and coworkers that excel in killing people and in a discreet fashion. These types of friends would come in handy if it came down to getting revenge for the three attacks.

SEALS to the Rescue?

This Reddit user and Yellowstone fan assumes (like many others) that Market Equities is behind the season three attacks. The social media user questions if Kayce Dutton will put his “war buddies” to use if he takes down the powerful company.

“Not sure what made me think of this, but does anyone think it’s possible that we could see Kayce call in some help from the ole US of A? Just thinking going up against market equities no doubt involves a lot of private security teams. I could see him requesting some help from some war buddies. Or possibly going up against one, for that matter.”

Another person commented below that “he didn’t use them to recover Tate…not likely.”

If you think back to Yellowstone season two, when the Beck Brothers had Tate kidnapped, Kayce Dutton went on a rampage trying to get his son back. Anyone that stood in his way was an instant enemy and would feel the wrath of this worried father and skilled marksman.

But what if the enemy is a foreign or domestic villian that Kayce Dutton met in the military, who is just as highly trained as him? It would become the battle of the bests, which could end up bloody.

First, we need to figure out if Kayce Dutton even survives the attack in his office. Yellowstone season four, where the heck are you? Can you hear me?