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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Could One Missing Character Have Prevented Jimmy From Trying Rodeo Again?

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“Yellowstone” fans are inquisitive people. One fan wants to know if a missing character could have kept Jimmy from trying rodeo again.

Where do they gather and ask these interesting questions? They pop up on Reddit.

Under the question “Do Y’all Think Jimmy Would’ve Tried to Rodeo Again if Avery Was Still at the Yellowstone?” starts one fan’s musings.

Jefferson White plays Jimmy Hurdstrom on The Paramount Network hit drama. Avery was played by Tanaya Beatty, who is no longer on “Yellowstone.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fan Starts Thinking How Jimmy, Avery Were Headed To Relationship

And away we go with this “Yellowstone” fan’s thoughts.

“I was thinking about how Jimmy and Avery seemed to be heading towards a relationship when she left and how it seems unlikely that they would’ve brought on Mia if Avery had stayed. And anyway, that got me thinking about Jimmy’s storyline.” That comes from Redditor Justachocolateteapot.

“In canon, Mia pushes Jimmy not to give up the rodeo, goes so far as to say that if he gives it up, he gives her up,” the Redditor writes. “To me, it seems like without her pressure that he’d have had an easier time accepting the doctor’s advice. And that brings me to Avery.

“We didn’t see Avery’s reaction to the rodeo, but it’s clearly not her life like it is Mia’s. If she heard the doctor talk about Jimmy’s injuries, wouldn’t she be more likely to tell him not to be a dumbass and find something else?”

Redditor Thinks Out Loud About Mia And Her Comments About Brand

“Yellowstone” stirs many questions and thoughts, doesn’t it Outsiders? Well, this Redditor goes on to share a little more about Mia. Eden Brolin, daughter of actor James Brolin, plays Mia on the show.

“I also think that Mia’s comments about the brand being a mark of ownership pushed Jimmy to try rodeoing again. With Avery, she seemed more familiar with the Yellowstone and how it worked. Would she say the same sort of things?

“I don’t know. It just seems like Avery leaving changed the whole storyline for Jimmy. What do y’all think?”

Redditor wbickford23 responded, “I can see that, and quite honestly never gave them a second thought. But you’re right it did change everything. I wonder what happened there. Either way, real anxious for the next season, I need answers lol.”

Do you want answers, “Yellowstone” fans? You will get them soon enough. Season 4 will kick off on Sunday, Nov. 7, with a two-hour season premiere on The Paramount Network. Kevin Costner returns as John Dutton and, well, he’s got troubles. After getting shot in the tense Season 3 finale, a whole mess of trouble has befallen Dutton Ranch.