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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Did John Dutton Miss Major Opportunity With Dan Jenkins to Protect Ranch?

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There’s no better way to spend your time waiting for the upcoming season of “Yellowstone” than to rewatch past episodes. That’s exactly what many fans are currently during. And while they’re binging episodes of the show, they’re also noticing some potential pitfalls for the show’s beloved characters.

One “Yellowstone” fan wrote on a Reddit thread that, while rewatching the series, they noticed a “glaring plot hole” during season three. During the episode, Dan Jenkins reveals to John Dutton that he wants to sell his land. He’s losing money hand over fist and can longer afford the upkeep. Dutton tells Jenkins that he’d love to buy the land but that he doesn’t have the money to do so. He tells Jenkins to keep the land, otherwise, the Dutton Ranch is also at stake. Jenkins agrees but, shortly after, he dies and a corporation picks up the land. One eagle-eyed “Yellowstone” fan is wondering why John Dutton didn’t take another route to protect the land.

“At the same time, Beth Dutton was buying as much land as possible for Bob Schwartz. Why did JD not inform his daughter of this as he knew she was buying all the land she could?” asked the fan. “At least there would be a bit more trust there than in Dan Jenkins, but no he never mentions it. I don’t understand this, he kept quiet and rather took the chance of some stranger acquiring the land. At least he might have had some control over it if he’d let Beth buy the land, but no, and now look at the mess.”

Did John Dutton Miss an Opportunity to Protect His Land on ‘Yellowstone’?

Another fan pointed out the fact that the land wasn’t actually Jenkins’ to sell. Jenkins had a deal with the tribe surrounding the land, so he couldn’t actually sell without speaking with them first.

“Dan never actually put the land up for sale. And John wanted Dan to keep it because he could deal with Dan. It’s only after Dan is dead that the land actually goes on the market,” wrote the fan. “And Dan had a deal with the tribe, he couldn’t really sell anyway without dealing with them. The corporation bought it but remember the first thing they did was throw a bunch of lawyers at the tribe.”

The same fan added that the corporation probably would have ended up buying the land either way. They wrote, “The CEO of the Corporation makes it very clear money is no issue with them. Hell, she bought Beth’s company just because Beth was a nuisance to her plans.”

Although we ultimately want John Dutton to be able to keep his land, the drama of him having to creatively find ways to fight for his ranch is fun to watch. If Jenkins’ land remained safe and sound, there would be no story on “Yellowstone.” So, for now, we’re willing to overlook any “plot holes” in the storyline.