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‘Yellowstone’ TV Fans Debate Wild Theory That Jamie Dutton Will Be in Charge of the Ranch During Season Four

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“Yellowstone” fans are the real deal. Not only are they totally committed to staying up-to-date on every episode of the show, but they also take the time to deep dive into the storylines and theorize on what will happen next. “Yellowstone” co-creator Taylor Sheridan should follow these Reddit threads because fans are coming up with some seriously great ideas. Taylor may even get some ideas for future episodes!

During a recent thread, fans debated a new theory about who will be running the Yellowstone ranch in season four.

One fan wrote, “I am convinced, after seeing the trailer for season four, that John and Beth will be in a coma leaving Jamie in charge of the ranch. We found out in season three Jamie is still the executor of the ranch. Ultimately I believe that Jamie will do the right thing and save the ranch.”

However, another fan adamantly disagreed.

“It’s not going to happen,” they replied. Then they questioned the legitimacy of the title Jamie claims to have.

“I don’t think there is such a thing as an ‘executor of the ranch,'” they said. “Jamie claims to have power of attorney but Beth does too. Regardless of the fact that in the meeting Jamie said Beth’s POA isn’t recognized in Montana, that’s not true. If you recall, Jamie previously told his assistant that Montana does recognize Beth’s POA.”

The fan then added that they’d like to see Jamie reconcile with the family during the next season of “Yellowstone.”

“It would be nice if Jamie decided to support his family and help save the ranch,” they said.

However, the fan said they don’t believe that it’s possible based on Jami’s previous remarks and actions.

“…but based on his closing remark to the Governor (What I do, I do for ME) I doubt it,” they said. “He’s just interested in cashing out.”

Will Jamie Dutton Take Over Yellowstone Ranch Next Season?

Another fan chimed in with some potentially important details.

They wrote, “It could boil down to the date on each POA…earlier date it was issued may be the one with the power after John’s input…no one has met or dealt with the new power player at ME.”

They also noted that if the original fan’s theory is correct then, yes, Jamie would be in charge of Yellowstone ranch.

“If Beth and John are out of commission due to injuries, then Jamie’s POA will prevail,” they said.

However, they also added that Jamie will still have Rip Wheeler to contend with on the Yellowstone ranch.

“Jamie still has to deal with the way he spoke to Rip on that last phone call,” they wrote. “It’s going to be interesting and fast-paced.”