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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans ‘Don’t Understand’ Role of Police in Pilot Episode


Through its first three season, Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” has become one of the most popular shows on television.

With the third season ending just last year, the plan is to launch the fourth season at some point this summer. An official date has not yet been revealed but some have pointed to June as a starting point. While they wait on their favorite show to return, Yellowstone fans are passing the time by flooding social media and online message boards.

Online community Reddit has become a hot spot for Yellowstone discussions. Reddit users often use the site to spark a back-and-forth on different aspects the show. Many fans use the forum to seek out answers to questions they have regarding the show.

Yellowstone Fans Turn to Message Board For Answers

A recent thread asks about the role of law enforcement in the show’s pilot episode. While attempting to retrieve their cattle from a local Indian Reservation, police become involved in a unique way as one Redditer points out. The poster asks fellow Yellowstone fans about the purpose law enforcement officials serve in the episode.

“When the Dutton Team goes in the night to get their cattle back, they’re escorted by police,” the poster states. “Firstly, why are the police doing that? Secondly, when it’s night and they’re executing their plan the Police are then against them?”

It’s a legitimate question as the presence of blue flashing lights in the scene appears out of place. Thankfully, another Reddit user was able to explain that the officials were not Montana police. Instead, they were Montana livestock officials and tribal police from the nearby reservation.

“The livestock agents are the ones helping John Dutton and you will find out why later on in the series,” the poster explains. “The police that are going against him are the tribal police who have jurisdiction over the reservation. Since the cattle are on the reservation, they are involved and are looking out for tribal folks.”

The Reddit site is full of similar threads explaining the motives behind actions on the Yellowstone Ranch. It is a must read for any Yellowstone fan with questions on particular scenes or theories.

With the show set to return in a matter of months, now is the time to get caught up on Yellowstone events.