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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Drop Interesting Theory About Who Would Guest Star as Rip Wheeler’s ‘Long Lost’ Grandma

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“Yellowstone” fans drop an interesting theory about Rip Wheeler’s ‘long lost’ grandmother and who would portray her on the show.

Rip Wheeler first made his way to the “Yellowstone” ranch as a dirty and scared teenage boy. A flashback revealed that he was the victim of child abuse. His father also beat his mother and brother. Well, one day, the evil man took things too far.

‘Yellowstone’ Flashback on Rip’s Childhood

Rip woke up from being beaten unconscious to find his little brother across the room from him, bloody and dead. He heard screaming coming from the living room, which was his mother’s, who was still alive and continuously being stabbed. The young boy grabs a frying pan and walks up behind his father. Rip serves him the same fate as his mother and brother.

After Rip killed his father, he fled the scene in the fear of getting into trouble for the deaths. Police ruled the boy as missing, and he was ‘never found.’ Heck, we aren’t even sure his name is Rip!

But thankfully, John Dutton took the boy in and brought him back to the ‘Yellowstone” ranch to earn his keep. Rip Wheeler has been a loyal worker ever since. He may actually turn into more if Beth survives.

But what about Rip’s family? Surely he has grandparents or aunt and uncle out there looking for him. Will ‘Yellowstone” fans meet these mournful family members?

Reddit Hyped it Up, I Broke it Down

If a Grandma Wheeler did make an appearance, who would play the worried lady. “Yellowstone’ fans on Reddit debated it out.

“Sally Field, Reba McEntire, or Park Overall for Rip’s long-lost grandma? Have fun..”

Sally Field is the 74-year-old actress from Steel Magnolias and Smokey and the Bandit. Park Overall is 64 years old and starred in Fifteen and Pregnant. And finally, we all know who the queen, Reba McEntire is.

But even with all these choices, we have to break it down. Rip is about 35-ish years old. Say his parents were 24 when they had him and say their parents were 20 when they had them, that would put Rip Wheeler’s grandparents at nearly 80 years old. So, none of the choices are old enough to portray his long-lost granny.

Other fans debate the “Yellowstone” casting options, with Reba being the apparent frontrunner.

“Love Reba, but I don’t want any special guest stars.”

While another stated, “Don’t care in what capacity would love to have Reba on Yellowstone. Just sayin’.”

Will we have a family reunion coming in “Yellowstone” season four? Time will only tell.