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‘Yellowstone’ TV Fans Ponder the Future of Colby and Teeter’s Relationship

Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

“Yellowstone” fans debate the future of our newest bunkhouse relationship between Colby and Teeter.

Fans first met the pink-haired, sailor-mouthed Teeter in season three, and just as Rip said, “She’s perfect. Hire her.” She took one look at those bunkhouse men and knew it was over for one of their poor souls. Who is the lucky cowboy in question? That would be Colby.

Now, Colby has continuously denied her effort and blatantly shot them down. He wants nothing to do with her or her hard-to-decipher accent.

But slowly… Very, very slowly, Teeter begins to break him down. She continues her compliments and makes advances. Colby may still pretend to scoff them away, but we know the truth. We knew from the moment he looked at her dancing in the “Yellowstone” bunkhouse and told Ryan that she is a good dancer, saying, “it’s like she studied….”

Ryan doesn’t see the appeal but is the little bird in Colby’s ear saying he will give in at some point. It was just a matter of time.

Trauma or Sparks?

Well, while the rest of the ranch went to the rodeo to support Jimmy, Colby and Teeter were selected to stay behind and re-fence the pasture. Teeter has the brilliant idea to go skinny dipping. She runs toward the nearby river, losing articles of clothing as she goes. By the time she is at the water’s edge, Teeter is wearing nothing but her skin sweater.

Furthermore, Colby hesitantly follows. When he gets to the water, he is still half-clothed, warning Teeter about something before he looks up, and Wade and Clint Marrow are on the other end of the bank on horseback. The evil men tell the two ranch hands to give a message to John Dutton for him. They charge into the water, and their horses begin stopping on the Teeter and Colby as they also whip them as well. The two “Yellowstone” workers are beaten and almost drown.

By the end of the scene, the water is calm, and Teeter and Colby are nowhere to be found. Fans assume the worst.

However, fast forward, and the two appear on the riverside, badly injured. But blame it on the mood-setting lighting of the fire or the near-death experience they just survived today, but they kiss. Wahoo!

While not much more is shown of the two on “Yellowstone,” Colby has seemed to give in to the idea of being with Teeter fully.

What Happens in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4?

But now, what happens to the new couple in “Yellowstone” season four? Will they stay together, realizing their undeniable feelings towards each other? Or was the kiss just a pity, we-survived-death sort of kiss which was more forged in trauma that will potentially wear off?

Reddit fans ponder what the upcoming season will bring for our beloved bunkhouse boos.

“I think they have a trauma bond now. That can be hard to break,” said one fan.

Another said this was long in the works. “I think Colby had decided to finally give in and get with her just before they got attacked.”

Now, if only “Yellowstone” would stop playing hard to get and premiere the upcoming season, we would be in a better place as well. ANY DAY NOW.