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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Happy Birthday Q’orianka Kilcher

Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Happy birthday, Q’orianka Kilcher. Or as Yellowstone fans know her, Angela Blue Thunder.

Kilcher is celebrating her 31st birthday today.

Kilcher joined the Yellowstone cast in season three to work with Chief Thomas Rainwater, a foe of John Dutton, the show’s family patriarch. Rainwater tasks Angela Blue Thunder with being an advocate for members of the Broken Rock Indian Reservation.

Q’orianka Kilcher Says Her Character Is Great Counter to Beth Dutton

In an interview with Decider.com, Kilcher said she was ecstatic to play such a strong character.

“It’s such an amazing, strong role that is written for a Native American woman,” Kilcher said. “I was just so honored. It was pretty badass to come on to the show and be able to do a role like that. Plus, Angela Blue Thunder is a good Native counterpart to Beth Dutton because she’s just such as strong and determined as she is.”

We know that Chief Rainwater has unsuccessfully fought John Dutton in the past. But with Angela Blue Thunder, he could succeed. And maybe Rainwater and Blue Thunder did, considering the chaos in the season three finale.

Or, as Angela Blue Thunder says: “Winners are never judged by how. They save that for the losers.”

Kilcher also said of Angela Blue Thunder:

“Her main drive absolutely is to get the Dutton land back for her people. However, she has a very humanizing backstory. (Angela Blue Thunder) is not just a ruthless mean person. She carries a lot of context and a lot of history within herself. She wants to find her voice and stand up for her people.

“Angela sets the dynamic with Thomas Rainwater when she asks him one question: Who did you set out to be? She reminds him that pretty words and diplomacy are great, but that you have to follow them with action.”

Kilcher Grew Up In Hawaii. She’s Played Two Royal Roles

In real life, Kilcher comes from a diverse background. She was born in Germany. Her father is from Peru; her mother is from Alaska. And Kilcher grew up in Hawaii.

She’s been acting since she was 14. That’s when she played Pocahontas in the 2005 film “The New World.” She starred in Princess Kaiulani in 2010. It’s not the only time she played a princess. She was Incan royalty in the 2019 movie Dora and the Lost City of Gold.

She also played Mary Palmer in the Netflix series The Alienist.

And now, as part of the Yellowstone cast, she butts heads with the Duttons.

“I try to find the humanity in every single role,” Dutton told Decider.com. “Something that I’ve recognized over the years are often “evil” people believe they’re doing bad things for the right reasons. With the Dutton family, they believe that they’re doing the right thing for them even if others see their actions as evil.”

Happy Birthday Q’orianka Kilcher!