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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Here’s Why Colby Actor Denim Richards Says Wade Morrow Had to Be Killed

(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Fans of the super-popular Paramount Network series Yellowstone are preparing themselves for the arrival of season four.

With the fourth season of Yellowstone now just weeks away, many fans are taking the opportunity to review previous seasons. A pivotal moment in the show’s history came in the third season when the Yellowstone bunkhouse boys teamed up to kill trouble maker Wade Morrow.

Morrow and his son, Clint, were hired by the Market Equities duo of Roarke Morris and Willa Hayes. The father and some team are to make trouble for John Dutton in a sabotage attempt. Morris and Hayes hope to pressure Dutton into selling Yellowstone Ranch and the Morrow’s are a big part of that plan.

We are first introduced to the Morrows when they begin running buffalo near the Dutton’s cattle ranch. When Morris asks Wade to step up his game, he and his son try to take out ranch hands Colby and Teeter. Enjoying some downtime in the nearby creek, Colby and Teeter are attacked by the Morrows and nearly killed. Wade and his son use their horses to stomp the two ranch hands, trapping them underwater and nearly drowning them. They survive the ordeal but suffer physical and mental injuries during the scuffle.

‘Yellowstone’ Actor Denim Richards Talks Pivotal Scene

In a recent episode of “Stories from the Bunkhouse,” Denim Richards, who plays Colby on Yellowstone, explains why Wade Morrow and Clint are handled. After cutting off his Yellowstone “Y” brand, the bunkhouse boys do away with Wade in quick fashion.

“When you have someone like Teeter, who comes into the show and never has any mean bones in her body,” Richards says. “She is somebody who’s just having fun and enjoying themselves, and they are able to just take their horses and kick her down into the ground and stomp her to death.”

Richards goes on to say the villains got what was coming to them and that is western justice — Yellowstone style.

“I would think that the audience should go, ‘Yeah they’re worthy of whatever comes to them,'” he continues.

While we don’t know an exact date yet, the fourth season of Yellowstone will arrive this summer, with a June premiere likely.

It’s music to the ears of Yellowstone fans. The show’s faithful are on pins and needles waiting for the favorite show to start back up. It’s been a long offseason for fans of the modern western drama, but the end is in sight.