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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is Beth Dutton’s Fate Sealed as New Young Actor Joins Cast as ‘Adopted’ Ranch Member?

(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Last week, “Yellowstone” watchers got the news they have been waiting on as Paramount Network revealed a fall return.

Along with this announcement, “Yellowstone” creators also revealed the fourth season’s newest cast members. Among the new actors joining the show is Australian actor Finn Little. Little will play “Carter” in the upcoming new season. At 15-years-old, Little is one of the youngest actors joining the cast for season four. In a description of Little’s character, fans believe Beth Dutton’s fate may have been prematurely disclosed. In the cast reveal, the following description from Deadline was given on Finn Little’s Character.

“Finn Little, who’ll play Carter, a youth reminiscent of a young Rip whom the Duttons gave a home,” the description proclaims. “Here, Beth decides the ranch is the best place to teach the youth how to be a man.”

Very Interesting. Very Interesting indeed.

This is a surprising description line as appears to reveal that Beth Dutton is still alive. Not only that but she will be bringing a child to “Yellowstone” ranch.

‘Yellowstone’ Finale Leaves Fans in the Dark

We all remember the final minutes of the explosive season three finale as the Dutton family comes under attack. John Dutton is ambushed while assisting a stranded family on the side of the road. He shot several times in the chest as the shooter then speeds away from the scene. Kayce Dutton is also attacked, only moments from revealing he will contemplate running for political office in Montana. As the gunmen near his office, Kayce is able to flip over a desk and take cover as shots ring out. In the aftermath of the attacks, fans are left to ponder their status as both could be dead, alive, or injured severely. The cliffhanging finale really did a number on “Yellowstone” fans who are anxious to learn the status of their favorite characters.

Then there is the quick-witted and sharp-tongued Beth Dutton, who also comes under attack. She receives a package just as she is packing up her belongings and leaving the office. Her assistant opens the package as Beth tries to warn her not to open it. The warning came a little too late and a bomb detonates inside of her office. Beth is only a few feet from the blast that is powerful enough to blow out all the windows inside the office complex. Much like with John and Kayce, “Yellowstone” fans are left wondering if she is dead or alive heading into a new season. Talk about a cliffhanger!

Though it’s not been confirmed, the above character description certainly seems to imply that Beth Dutton is alive. Many “Yellowstone” fans believe that John and Kayce also survive the attacks on their lives as well.

Season four of “Yellowstone” can’t get here fast enough and fans will remain on the edges of their seats until this fall.