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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Will Jamie Dutton Choose His Girlfriend, Unborn Baby After Cutting Ties with His Family?

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Will Jamie Dutton have to choose between his family and the ranch or his girlfriend and unborn baby on “Yellowstone” season four?

“Yellowstone” has sent us on an emotional rollercoaster these past three seasons. I’m not sure how much more my mental stability can take. Most recently, Jamie Dutton has had a lifetime’s worth of events happen in just a few seasons. Let me catch you up.

Jamie Dutton

He found out that he isn’t a Dutton at all. He is adopted and actually bears the last name Randall. Jamie’s biological father is a murderous, evil man, and his mother’s blood is on his hands.

Jamie Dutton was running for Attorney General of Montana when he sparked a relationship with his campaign manager, Christina. She is the little bird in Jamie’s ear telling him to ditch his family and follow his dream to become Attorney General, even after John told him to drop out.

I get that she is supporting her boyfriend’s dreams and pushing him to be better, but I don’t like her. She is snakey (similar to Jamie), and I personally think she has a secret personal agenda for the relationship.

It turns out that Christina is pregnant with Jamie’s child, and she tells him to make the tough decision between her and the unborn child and his family.

Since the baby bomb, nothing more has been mentioned about the relationship or Jamie’s pending father status.

Jamie Dutton has expressed in the past that he wasn’t too keen on having children when speaking to his sister Beth. He said he is afraid the child “would get the genes” that made her. Was this a subtle indication that Jamie was never a Dutton? Should we have seen this coming?

Countless Unanswered Questions

Nothing is ever off the table with “Yellowstone.”

But what will Jamie choose to do? Will he eventually go groveling back to John and seek his approval once again, or has he cut his final ties with the family and is now embracing his Randall identity?

Jamie Dutton ended up winning the seat for Montana’s Attorney General, so life is starting to fall into place for him after everything he knew and his stability was uprooted. In fact, he is currently the only Dutton that isn’t fighting for their life. Does this mean that Jamie had something to do with the attacks on Beth, John, and Kayce? Is this his final way to be done with the family forever and take the land for himself?

As we have mentioned, we aren’t too fond of Jamie, so will he and Christina make a little disliked family? Will Christina go on with the pregnancy? Will she even take Jamie back after she walked out on him and told him to choose? What will she say about his true past and identity?

So. Many. Unanswered. Questions.