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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Does Jamie Dutton Deserve a ‘Redemption Arc’ in Season 4?

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Does Jamie Dutton deserve a redemption arc in “Yellowstone” season four, or has he run out of chances for fans?

Since episode one of “Yellowstone,” Jamie Dutton is now (due to Lee’s death) the oldest living Dutton child. While he is more clean-cut and polished than his cowboy and rancher family, he can play just as dirty as the rest of them.

We first meet Jamie as a bad*ss attorney, kicking some hiney in the courtroom. Our initial thought of him was, ‘okay, hell yeah! Go, Jamie! I like this character. He is the perfect addition to the Dutton family.”

While his family can kick literal butt, he will legally end you. I mean, the man studied at Harvard Law. He is like the Elle Woods of Montana.

As ‘Yellowstone’ carries on, we are given more and more reasons why Jamie isn’t the brilliant, bad*ss lawyer we thought he was. To me, Jamie Dutton is now a wormy, selfish little character. Can you sense our dislike?

Jamie Dutton is the WOAT (Worst of All Time)

Let us give you some reasons why Jamie is the absolute worst on “Yellowstone.”

He is spineless. The man will do whatever he is told and then complain. He is like a scared, beaten, and skittish dog that keeps coming back to its owner (John Dutton) to get hit. However, in this case, we don’t blame John. Jamie needs to grow as a character and stand up for himself.

Jamie also is the reason his baby sister, Beth, is sterile. When both were young, Jamie took her to an abortion clinic and withheld the information about her also undergoing a hysterectomy, ultimately forfeiting her right later in life to choose if she wants to have kids or not.

It’s no question that Beth and Jamie have a toxic relationship since the incident. However, when Beth holds a gun to her head and threatens to kill herself, Jamie doesn’t stop her. In fact, he encourages it.

Next, while on the campaign trail, John Dutton decides to make Jamie drop out of the running for Montana’s Attorney General, a position Jamie has always dreamt of. Jamie gets mad, and instead of dealing with it like a grown-up, he throws a tantrum. The lawyer gossips all the family secrets to a big-time journalist that plans on exposing the family and robbing them of their Montana empire. When he realizes how selfish that mistake was, Jamie Dutton tries to stop the story from being published. What does Jamie do now? He kills the journalist.

Furthermore, in the most recent season, Jamie Dutton learns he isn’t a Dutton at all but a murderous Randall. His father killed his mother after getting her hooked on drugs. According to John Dutton, she thought she could change Garrett Randall for the better. Unfortunately, she was not successful in her efforts. Now that Jamie knows his true family, has he embraced his killer instincts?

Reddit Debates Comeback or Downfall for ‘Yellowstone’ Character

“Yellowstone” Reddit fans debate Jamie Dutton’s character moving into the fourth season.

“A Jamie Dutton redemption arc…Or Jamie Dutton turning into the baddest mofo on this show… Just please give the guy a spine….”

Please! Many feel as though Jamie Dutton is going to turn “full ‘Yellowstone’ villain,” which would only fuel our hate fire further.

“I think he goes full villain as well. I feel like the redemption arc could’ve or should’ve happened when he was talked out of suicide in the field, and he started doing manual labor and wearing work clothes around the farm. Not sure if that was the original intent for him or not, but he definitely seems to be going full villain here. Although I’m guessing he’s gonna stop just shy of fully betraying everyone in the end and maybe still get his redemption 😉.”

We can only hope. “Yellowstone” season four is gearing up anytime now!