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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Jen Landon Reveals How She Would ‘Warm Up’ for Her Character ‘Teeter’

(Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage)

I will be completely honest about my favoritism for “Teeter” in the hit Paramount TV series Yellowstone.

Jen Landon plays the role of the outgoing, no-holds-barred, tough, rowdy, and fearless Bunkhouse mate in an immaculate manner.

Teeter: Yellowstone’s Tough Tomboy Female

How can you not like a strong female with a sailor’s mouth and a saint’s heart? You find yourself rooting for the rough-around-the-edges and phonetically challenged ranchhand. It’s also empowering to see a woman know without a doubt that she can do anything a man can do, and can probably do it better.

When the show added a twist of two polar opposites finding love, viewers’ interests were peaked and fans became even more emotionally invested in the two characters.

Seeing Another Side of the Ranch Hand

A beautiful moment is shared between ranch hands Teeter and Colby, played by Denim Richards. One of the most intimate scenes of Teeter is when she opens up and allows herself to be vulnerable. Teeter comforts and is comforted by someone she has deep feelings for after the two survive a traumatic near-death experience. Those feelings are reciprocated by Colby, and the two very different characters find a truly passionate and understanding connection between each other.

It takes a special actress to play a role like Teeter. Like most great characters in film and TV, the foul-mouthed and rambunctious ranch hand goes against the grain while displaying unique traits, behaviors, and quirks. Not only does Teeter struggle with following societal norms, but she can’t even seem to grasp speaking the simplest English words in a grammatically correct manner.

Jen Landon Transforms into the Terrific Teeter

Jen Landon gives her Yellowstone character the appreciation she deserves, but how does she prepare to breathe life into such a unique role?

It all begins with throwing down some dance moves and doing a little jig on set. This is not a joke.

“I’m not kidding. This is actually how I would warm up for Teeter,” jokes Landon before filming begins.

Jen gives Teeter the perfect messy, no-care hairdo by chopping off the ends herself with a pair of dull kitchen scissors. The actress finishes the story of her cutting her hair by singing “when I was a little anxious the other day.” That’s dedication, right there.

The actress can be seen loosening up on set while she dances, jokes, and lets her “short” hair down. Landon begins taking things a little less seriously before filming in order to capture the essence that is Teeter. She is the perfect representation of a strong female. One who lives with no rules, no fear, no care of what others think, no filter, and no regrets.