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‘Yellowstone’ TV: ‘Jimmy’ Actor Jefferson White Reveals Parallels Between Season 1 Pilot and Finale

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Paramount Network)

Jefferson White plays Jimmy Hurdstrom in Paramount’s Yellowstone TV show. Even though in Season 3, it was suspected that he was going to die, the character pulled through.

Now though, he hosts a podcast talking all about the show. In particular, he talks about the parallels between the Season 1 pilot and the finale.

Were fans of the show tipped off to the fate of characters in the pilot episode? It seems that the answer to this question lies in White’s analysis.

Begins around the 8:40 minute mark.

It seems that even the actors themselves didn’t know that the foreshadowing was there. But at the end of the finale, that’s the way it plays out. John Dutton is alone, Rip Wheeler is alone, and so is Beth Dutton.

Jefferson White Explains the Parallels

John, Beth, and Rip in the pilot episode are all gathered together as a team. Then at the end of the episode, John is off by himself. The foreshadowing here is certainly evident. White explains this in a short excerpt from the video.

“Sometimes, no matter how hard you fight to protect something, to keep it together, there’s one certain foe that you can’t fight. That’s time, progress, and change. And everything changes.”

John Dutton is very much an anti-hero. He’s hurt his family even though he’s trying to protect them. And in the end, it seems that he is all alone to fight the family demons if he is even still alive to do so. Rip Wheeler remains, though, potentially alone to fight for the certainty of the Dutton Ranch brand.

It is very clear that the writers of the show knew exactly what they were doing when they set out writing this show. Very rarely do writers not have a larger picture when they begin writing a show. Yellowstone is written exquisitely well. Detailing this foreshadowing is a prime example of why the show is so amazing.