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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Will Kayce Dutton Take On a New Role if Monica Actress Kelsey Asbille Exits the Show?

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What will become of our beloved Yellowstone cowboy Kayce Dutton if his wife, Monica Long, played by Kelsey Asbille, exits the show?

With the recent news that Yellowstone‘s Monica actress Kelsey Asbille could be leaving the show for greener pastures, what does this mean for the series?

Asbille will be joining a star-studded cast for a role on the new thriller series, Gaslight. Will her character be killed off of Yellowstone so she can free up her schedule for the new show?

Monica Flirts With Death

This would not be the first time Monica Long has almost met her doom on Yellowstone. While she was walking into the school where she teaches, Monica stopped to break up a fight. She got hit and fell to the ground very hard, causing some devastating head injuries.

Following the accident, she has a realization about the evils on the Yellowstone ranch and parts with Kayce. The cowboy quickly loses his wife, who he hopelessly loves, and his only son. After a few episodes, the two rekindle their love.

Fast forward to when her car broke down on the side of the road, and a creepy serial killer picked her up. He takes Monica to the middle of nowhere to rape and kill her, but thankfully one of Yellowstone‘s most beloved characters, Mo, kills the man and saves Monica.

Sheesh! And now you are telling me that poor woman is going to go through even more? How much more can one person take? Well, potentially not much.

But what will become of Kayce if his wife dies? What will happen to Tate? Kayce isn’t exactly parent-of-the-year or a great role model. How will he be as a single parent?

Or does Kayce die, and Monica can finally stop choosing between the reservation and the ranch? Kayce’s fate is already hanging in the balance from Yellowstone’s season three finale. Will the heartbroken widow return to the Broken Rock Reservation and eventually get written out of the show?

Reddit Backs Up Yellowstone Theory

Some Yellowstone fans on Reddit weighed in on the theory of Monica’s death. They said it keeps with the Dutton’s cursed tradition.

“I don’t expect her to be around much longer. I could honestly see her dying in whatever is jumping off at the ranch. But her death would solve multiple plot problems. The Dutton curse of becoming a widower (Both John and John’s father lost their wives) That would essentially give Kayce both the freedom and a reason to run for Governor.”

If the family tradition continues, it will be Monica that would tragically die, leaving Kayce to deal with the aftermath. Lee was never married, and Jamie is having some serious commitment issues at the moment. Beth was hoping to get married to Rip, but fans are unsure if she survives the explosion in her office.

Furthermore, running for Governor has been something Kayce has secretly considered, but his family commitments have stopped him from leaping into politics.

“He began to develop a bit at the end of S3 while settling into his new office, but until then, he’s literally been the exact same throughout the series.”

Does this mean Monica is holding him back, and her death will give Kayce room to grow throughout the series?

We will just have to continue to wait for season four of Yellowstone to air. ANY DAY NOW…..