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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Kelly Reilly Goes Full-Texas in New Snap with Taylor Sheridan’s Wife, Nic

Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Yellowstone star Kelly Reilly isn’t hanging around Montana these days. That’s where her character, Beth Dutton reigns like the queen she is.

Rather, Reilly is in Texas, visiting some very important folks. That would be with Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan and his wife, Nic.

Reilly posted a fun photo on her Instagram account, Wednesday, showing her change of venue. She basically traded a fictitious ranch with a real one. The Yellowstone star and Nic Sheridan were drinking something cold and posing on gigantic bales of hay.

“When in Texas,” Reilly captioned it.

Kelly Reilly Traded In Yellowstone for Texas To Check Out Willie Nelson

Kelly Reilly has been hanging out in the great state of Texas for at least the last week. Earlier, she posted a photo of herself staring up at a statue of Willie Nelson. Yes, Beth Dutton is a fan of the Red-Headed Stranger. She captioned the photo “Mornin Willie … made it to Texas.” The Willie Nelson statue was dedicated in 2013 before a performance of Nelson and Kris Kristofferson at Austin City Limits.

According to their Instagram accounts, Kelly Reilly currently is on a girls trip with Nic Sheridan.

The Sheridans eschew the Hollywood life for Texas. Although Yellowstone is based in Montana, Sheridan is creating more shows for Paramount+ that will showcase the Lone Star State.

Taylor Sheridan grew up on a ranch in Cranfills Gap, a one-stoplight town in Central Texas. He earned his degree from Texas State in San Marcos, a town between Austin and San Antonio. Then he headed to California.

But Texas never left Taylor Sheridan once he got famous. He focused on his roots when he wrote 2016’s Hell or High Water, which earned him an Academy Award nomination for best screenplay.

Taylor Sheridan Convinced Nic to Move to Texas

Eventually, Taylor Sheridan and Nic moved back to Texas. He owns two ranches outside the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. One is in Weatherford, which is west of Fort Worth. The other is in Jacksboro, a town about a 45-mile drive northwest of Weatherford. It’s unclear which ranch Reilly, the Yellowstone star, is posing with bales of hay.

Taylor Sheridan said he convinced Nic she’d love the state.

“My wife’s from up in Wyoming,” he said. “And my mother lives up there, so we moved there for a number of years, until I finally convinced her to come try my home state. And I moved her to Texas on August 1st, because I figured I might as well just pull the Band-Aid off quick. She didn’t understand the heat for a bit, but then she figured it out, and now she’s a Texan.”

Now, will Kelly Reilly, or Beth Dutton, leave Yellowstone for Texas? The hay looks pretty convincing. Plus, Cole Hauser, who plays her love interest Rip Wheeler, is a real-life Texan, too.