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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Kelly Reilly Says She’s ‘Not Really Interested’ in Playing ‘Woke’ Characters

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Kelly Reilly plays a one-of-a-kind character on the hit show, “Yellowstone.” However, she says that portraying a rough-around-the-edges character like Beth is part of the joy of making the show.

Beth Dutton, who’s played by Reilly, is foul-mouthed and walks to the beat of her own drum. Reilly does a spectacular job of playing Beth.

Her character’s been through hell and back, but there’s something about the way Reilly delivers her lines that make you wonder what’s coming next. Beth can be your best friend or quickly change to spitting venom at her enemies. Co-creator of the show, Taylor Sheridan, threw out the rulebook with this one.

Reilly’s been open about the fact that she likes playing Beth and the layers that make up this character. Additionally, she tells Esquire that she applauds Sheridan for showing respect and adding Native American culture to the record-breaking show. Reilly likes that various uncomfortable elements are added to “Yellowstone” but they don’t feel like they’re being forced in your face.

“But I do like the fact that there is not that self-righteousness in our show. We’re playing characters and we’re not trying to be too sort of, dare I say it, “woke” about things,” Reilly says.

The actress continues to say that the binge-worthy show’s depiction of the gritty, chaotic nature of a family and individuals is one of the many reasons the show is so great.

“I’m interested in complicated and messy and human, and the sort of things that we all can, ‘How can we find these characters so sort of enthralling and intriguing when they’re kind of so bad?’ It’s a fantasy. These characters are sort of fantasy. I love that,” she explains.

Kelly Reilly Might Be Back for ‘Yellowstone’ Season Four

The actress is keeping this secret close to the vest. We found out some shocking news about Beth Dutton in season three. As a matter of fact, the season ends with a cliffhanger that involves the daughter of the ranch-owning leader, John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner.

Beth is in one of the last scenes of the season. A major explosion happens at her office from a mailed package. Fans are left wondering if she survives.

Followers of the show are going to have to wait until the summer of 2021 to find out if the staple character appears in season four. Reilly wasn’t sharing any details in her recent interview. She’s “holding out hope” for Beth.

Furthermore, season four of the show’s already wrapped up shooting. Seasons one through three are now streaming on the Peacock Network.