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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Luke Grimes Smolders on Social Media, Top Photos of the Kayce Dutton Actor

(Photo Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/ Getty Images)

Name a task we love more than picking out the best photos of our beloved cowboy Luke Grimes? You cannot.

Someone has to do the grunt work. So we will take the burden off your shoulders to stalk Luke Grimes’s social media account to present to you only the best of our Kayce Dutton.

Luke Grimes Looking Good

Although we prefer Grimes in a cowboy hat and chaps, we aren’t going to complain.

Here we count down our top three photos of the 37-year-old Yellowstone star.

Picture this. You look across the busy bar, and this man is looking back at you. What are you going to do? The correct answer is swoon. You should swoon.

This black and white photo of Luke Grimes is for a new Chanel cologne he is the face of, called Allure Homme Sport.

Grimes stares off into the sunset with his shirt beautifully unbuttoned, just enough to tease us. Not a blemish to be seen. We also love a little scruff on the actor. It reminds us of Navy SEAL Kayce.

Next, our Luke Grimes Pinterest dream board would include this lovely photo.

There is nothing quite like a sharp-dressed man that can also get dirty. Furthermore, blue is definitely Grimes’s color. It perfectly compliments his brown eyes and shaggy tan hair and airbrushed tan skin like a Greek god.

Excuse us. We are swooning again.

Again, Luke Grimes looks off into the distance, like the tortured artist he is.

One More… For Good Measure

After much consideration, the last photo we will incorporate into our elite top three is this black and white beauty.

Although we were stuck between a few that include a charming smile from the actor, we couldn’t pass this photo by.

Luke Grime sports rolled-up pants and a light textured shirt, which sits under a black jacket. He rests his elbow on his knees as he holds a pair of sunglasses in his hand and looks into the camera.


Grimes still rocks the messy hair and facial scruff.

Yes, we have a type, and according to his commenters, they do too. Many ogle about this Yellowstone character’s demeanor and appearance.

One fan even said, “I have never fallen in love with a character in any series as Kayce in Yellowstone. Which made me follow every Luke Grimes page imaginable.”

Unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, Luke Grimes is off the market. According to Taddlr, Grimes has been dating actress Gillian Zinser since 2011. It should be noted that she is also gorgeous, so now we are just waiting for a ring and potentially beautiful little babies.

But yes, our feelings are hurt. Thanks for asking.